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In chess, a draw is the result of a game ending in a tie. Usually, in tournaments a draw is worth ... Until 1867, tournament games that were drawn were replayed. The Paris tournament of 1867 had so ...

With only a king left, how many moves remaining until a draw?


Jun 25, 2013 ... Your opponent has 50 moves, but every time a pawn is moved the count is reset. So, he could have hundreds of moves if he has a few pawns ...

In chess your opponent has only his king left. How many moves ...


There is no specific rule for this situation. However, the Fifty-move rule is kind of related and ... How many moves does he have to make it a draw? UpdateCancel.

How many moves are there until a stalemate takes place in chess ...


There are no set number of moves until players reach stalemate in chess. Stalemate occurs when neither player can check or reach...

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If I have a king and a queen in a chess match and they're chasing another king, how many moves can they make until it's declared a stalemate?

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Sep 29, 1997 ... If I have only a king left, how many moves does my opponent have to ... the King, how many move I have before chess mate, to make a draw?

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Jul 7, 2007 ... Quickest Stalemate Known to Chess. White can stalemate black in only 10 moves ! ... How many chess games are possible? - Duration: 12:11.

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Jan 14, 2002 ... Of the many questions I receive on the rules of chess, there is one that is most ... If the king is your last piece is there a number of moves that the ... You can also claim a draw when you have more pieces left except your king if ...

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Aug 11, 2008 ... I've reached an endgame where i was lucky to draw the game ... The game is drawn when a player having the move claims a draw and ...

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Use a coin toss (many authors say to “cast lots”). When playing a ... After the first move, no player can adjust any piece without “intimation.” In other words, you just ... A game is declared a draw when neither player can force a win. Pask, p. 123 ...