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One gallon is equal to 128 ounces.
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Before I go into how much water should you drink a day, I'd like to discuss the ... And for those of you that are wondering how many oz in a gallon of water?


Find out how to convert between gallons and ounces and view the gallons to ... The answer to your question of how many ounces (oz) there are in a gallon of ...


Gallons to fluid ounces conversion table and converter to find out how many ounces in a gallon.


Jul 18, 2017 ... There are 128 ounces in a gallon, so to drink a gallon of water in one day, ... to keep drinking and make the experience that much more special.


Great question! For that we need to dive into two different definitions of the gallon. There are currently two actively used systems describing how much liquid is ...


1 cup, = 8 oz, or 1/2 pint. 2 cups, = 16 oz, or 1 pint. 4 cups, = 32 oz, or 1 quart. 8 cups, = 64 oz, or 1/2 gallon. 16 cups, = 128 oz, or 1 gallon ...

Apr 19, 2016 ... But 8 bottles of water is equal to a gallon of water so great job! ... I don't like having to use so many water bottles though so I'm thinking about ...


How Many OZ in a Gallon. Aug 31, 2011 Gallons 1 and ounces 2 are non-metric units of measuring liquid substances. Nowadays they are in use mostly in the ...


May 18, 2012 ... How many oz make a cup? 8 oz = 1 cup. How many oz/cups make a pt? 16 oz = 1 pt 2 cups = 1 pt. How many pt/oz/cups make a qt? 2 pt = 1 qt