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The term pyromania comes from the Greek word πῦρ (pyro, fire). ... Many studies have shown that patients with pyromanias were in households without ... The prognosis for recovery in ...

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Rather, these types of people will commit an act of pyromania because they cannot ... Because pyromania is very rare, there have not been many case studies ...

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Sep 24, 2014 ... People that are attracted to fire and utilize it in a manner that can cause ... fact that white males are the most likely candidates to suffer from this disorder. ... C. Many people that have impulse disorders self-medicate with drugs ...

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Arson is a major source of property damage in many countries. For example, in Australia, it's estimated that a fire is lit every hour of every day, yielding $157 ...

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Symptoms of pyromania resemble those of many other impulse-control ... as a way of curbing negative and anxious feelings, people who suffer from pyromania  ...

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Pyromania is defined as a pattern of deliberate setting of fires for pleasure or .... Many youths arrested for firesetting are described by others as "loners" and ...

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Pyromania is a disorder that causes a person to play with fire, deriving ... there are some people who are compelled to start fires, getting pleasure from doing so. ... Many children and adolescents who are pyromaniacs will have many other social ... behavior, it is possible for adults who suffer from pyromania to get treatment.

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Pyromania is deliberately setting fire to objects with a fascination and relief in ... and hyperactivity tend to suffer with Pyromania symptoms more than any other. ... Many Pyromaniacs cannot be around any fire, including daily encounters such as gas ... Resisting temptation is difficult for all people suffering from an addiction or  ...

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Pyromania is characterized by an impulse to set fires, and involves ... learning skills, learning disabilities, or problems dealing with other people or social situations. ... Of the many varieties of psychosis, creativity appears to be most strongly ...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... Since 1850, there have been many arguments as to the cause of pyromania ... They also frequently suffer from other behavior disorders and have ... what other people have to do to extinguish the fire, and the pyromaniac may ...

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