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The Crusades were a series of intermittent Papal sanctioned military campaigns beginning in ..... Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor died en route to Jerusalem, drowning in the Saleph River, and few of...

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Most of us know that 3,000 people died on 9/11, but how many Americans ... Did the Christian Crusades kill 100 times as many people as the Vietnam War?

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Nov 20, 2008 ... The brutality of the Crusades are often exaggerated. People should really look up how many people died to dictators in the 20th century and in ...

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But that is what was read into his speech by many uninformed people. ... The first mass killing of the Jews was carried out by the so-called People's Crusade, ... And they were really destroyed by these hordes, who felt that as a necessary ...

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(1838) p.207: "Although two million souls perished in the Crusades. ... order of magnitude is generally accepted even if the precise number is unknown. .... 2000 , and estimates that between 20,000 and 500,000 people were killed as witches.

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How many people have died in the name of Christ, Christianity and Catholicism? .... Fourth crusade: 4/12/1204 Constantinople sacked, number of victims ...

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This number includes Christian crusaders, Muslims and Jews. It should also be noted that this count also includes those who died from disease, those who were  ...

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Nov 4, 2005 ... Over a 200 year period, perhaps 200,000 people were killed. ... Among many Jews and Muslims, the term crusade evokes visions of genocide, ...

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But were the Crusades equally to blame for the evil performed while they were ... A contemporary Muslim source has been discovered that puts the number of the ..... And look at the scale of the atheist crimes - a hundred million killed in 75 ...

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Time and time again Muslims who surrendered were killed or sold into slavery. .... A number of crusaders were the descendants of those who had gone on the ...

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Feb 6, 2015 ... (Why go to the Holy Land to fight nonbelievers, many wondered, ... Tens of thousands of people (both soldiers and civilians) were killed in the ...

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For starters, the Crusades to the East were in every way defensive wars. They were a ... A few people got rich, but the vast majority returned with nothing. Urban II .... Many of them died, either in battle or through disease or starvation. It was a ...

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The crusade was a long drawn war which lasted for over 200 years. Can we then fathom the bloodiness of the war and the number of people who died?