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May 25, 2000 ... Ten pounds by the original definition for an imperial gallon of eight proper pints. The gallon was defined as the volume of distilled water ...

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A gallon has 3 different, commonly used, definitions [1]. Imperial (UK) Gallon. The imperial (UK) gallon was originally defined as the volume of 10 lbs of water, ...

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50 gallons of water can be converted to pounds as ... Energy per unit mass, Force , Heat flow rate, Heat flux, Heat generation per unit volume and many more ...

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1 US gallon of water ( gal ) = 8.35 pounds of water ( lb wt. ). How many pounds of water ( lb wt. ) are in 1 US gallon of water ( 1 gal )? How much of water volume ...

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Imperial Gallon: The imperial gallon is widely used in UK countries. If we measure the gallon in pounds we will find it comes approximately to 10 pounds of water ...

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Aug 13, 2012 ... Before I go into how much water should a person drink a day, I'd like ... quart of water (0.94 liters) daily for every 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms) of body weight. ... Drinking a gallon of water a day, or 4 liters, is what I recommend to ...

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The weight of water in different formats. ... For assistance in enabling JavaScript, please contact the webmaster. This converter will find the weight of water only!

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Your question can be stated: "What is the density of water in pounds ... L 1 gal 453.59237 g I got the exact conversion factors from "How many?

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One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. This weight is due to the weight of the water molecules and the density of water. Ice is less dense than water, however,  ...

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Five gallons of fresh water weigh 41.7 pounds, because each gallon of water equals 8.34 pounds. At the boiling point, a gallon of water has a weight of only ...