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How many times does "love" appear in the Bible? | Reference.com


The word "love" appears 310 times in the King James Bible, 348 times in the New American Standard Bible, 551 times in the New International Version and 538 ...

Word Counts: How Many Times Does a Word Appear in the Bible?


Word counts for several versions of the Bible. ... translation is not possible. Therefore, the number of times a particular word appears is usually different for each version of the Bible. ... Love, 131, 179, 133, 215, 319, 232, 317, 221. Mary, 0, 54, 0 ...

10 Most Important Bible Verses on Love - Patheos


Jun 12, 2013 ... Check out Pastor Jack Wellman's ten most important love Bible verses. ... appear to be worthy of being on anyone's top 10 list of Bible verses on love ... Love does not gossip and when see others sin and don't tell other people ...

Love Talk: Why The Word “LoveAppear In The Bible So Many ...


Erica Campbell talks about love and its importance in life, in all its many forms. ... Love Talk: Why Does The Word “LoveAppear In The Bible So Many Times?

How Many Times Does The Word Love Appear In The Bible? - Blurtit


But the Bible is all about Love the very and true meaning in the Bible is about Love ... So don't be so concerned with how many times the word love is used in the ...

Where's the best place to read about love in the Bible? | Overview ...


Feb 12, 2014 ... We all know that “God so loved the world,” that “God is love,” and that when it comes to love, nobody exemplifies it better than Jesus (Jn 3:16; ...

95 Love one another - Big Bible Challenge


Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 1 John 4:7. “I'm glad ... 1 How many times does the word 'love' appear in these verses? 2 Check ...

Scripture on Giving, etc. | National Christian Foundation Indiana ...


What else does scripture say about giving, money, possessions, greed, generosity, treasures, ... The word "Give" appears 921 times in the Bible, almost as many times as "Faith" (270), "Hope" ... Giving is an expression of faith, hope, and love.

How many time is the word love mentioned in the Bible - Answers.com


the word - lovingkindnesses - appears 4 times ... How many times is love mention in the bible? ..... How many times does it mention gods love in the bible?

A "Do Not Be Afraid" for Every Day of the Year? - Accordance


Jun 22, 2012 ... I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to information I receive over the internet. ... which claimed that the phrase "Do not be afraid" appears 365 times in the Bible: a "daily ... This phrase does not appear 365. ... Still most of these are God telling us not to fear because He loves us and has everyth...

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How many times is love mentioned in the Bible? | Reference.com


... the version of the Bible. In the King James Version, love is mentioned 310 times, 131 times in the Old Testament and 179 times in. ... How many times does the Bible say "fear not"? ... The phrase "fear not" appears in the Bible over 365 times.

Word Counts: How Many Times Does a Word Appear in the Bible ...


Aug 27, 2013 ... What Does the Bible Really Teach About Hell ... Word Counts: How Many Times Does a Word Appear in the Bible ... Love, 131, 179, 319, 232.

How many times in the bible did Jesus command to love one another?


Jan 31, 2010 ... The command "love one another" appears eleven times in the Bible, all in ... How many times does the word love appear in the standard New ...