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"Some people go to the toilet frequently because they think 'I'd better go before I leave', ... So how many times a day should the average person urinate? .... Childbirth certainly has deleterious effects on the pelvic floor but so does menopause ...

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Aug 6, 2010 ... On average how many times does the average person go to the bathroom? Asked By ... It depends on how much liquid you consume during the day. ... However, on average, the number of daily bathroom trips is about six.

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How many times does an average human breath a day? ... Typically, a person blinks every four seconds, adding up to 15 blinks per minute and 900 blinks per ...

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How many toilets are flushed worldwide every day? Watch the number of toilet ... According to the World Toilet Organization (WTO), the average person uses a toilet 2,500 times year, or six to eight times daily. However, not all toilet uses are ...

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Sep 14, 2012 ... Despite being a universal act, this part of “going to the bathroom” is rarely discussed ... How often should I go? ... That means a person weighing 160 pounds produces an average of just under a pound of poop each day. Going four -plus times a day or having watery, thin, or loose stools ... Why does it smell?

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Jun 5, 2014 ... How Often Should I Poop, and Other Toilet Topics ... U.S. News consulted with Robynne Chutkan, a Washington, D.C.-based gastroenterologist and author of " Gutbliss: A 10-Day ... The Modern Medical Check-up: Finally, a Reason for Men to Go to the Doctor ... What Does a Hospital's Brand Name Mean?

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Average did you know facts - Over 1025 interesting fun facts and figures to keep you ... Did you know the average person goes to the toilet 6 times a day; Did you  ...

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The average amount of time people spend in the bathroom every day is about 30 minutes but ... Most people flush the toilet if they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Women ... c. 35% claim they plunge their toilet once a year or less often ... Does not conserve water 17% - of greatest concern to the more affluent.

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Apr 13, 2009 ... Let me start off by saying that what's normal for one person may be ... Some people go to the bathroom three times a day, while others only go ...

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Aug 16, 2011 ... Throughout the entirety of my time here, I have often stayed late, arrived ... will admit that I probably do use the restroom more often than the average person; ..... Next up: limiting you to 5 sneezes a day and be sure you don't go over your .... But “(t)he special computer employees exemption does not include ...

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If you need to go to the toilet very often, more than seven times a day on ... normal if that person is healthy and happy with the number of times they visit the toilet.

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Nov 30, 2014 ... On average, when awake, a person should urinate every 2-4 hours. ... you should think of a number of times you should go to the toilet a day.

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I can go on average 6 to 10 times daily, sometimes more, ... I pity you guys...going to the bathroom anymore than 5x a day must get very tedious ...

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The average person goes #2 once a day. And The average man goes #1 2-3 times a day, while women generally go 20-20 times a day.

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How many times a day should I wee? Do I have ... (Go ahead, laugh, but you'll thank us later.) ... What is urine and where does it come from? ... “So if a person goes to the toilet 10 times a day but they drink five litres of fluid a day, then on average you're looking at 500 ml per [wee], which would be quite normal as far as ...