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This is a list of direct armed conflicts involving the United States of America since its founding during the American Revolution.

America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years ...


Feb 21, 2015 ... America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776. The U.S. Has ..... How Many Wars Has the U.S. Really Won?

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Nov 8, 2015 ... 5 wars that the United States could have, and should have, kept out of. ... America has faced vanishingly few wars of “necessity,” but some of our wars ... As we would expect of any country, not all of America's wars have been wisely ... The war also had an opportunistic element, however, as many American ...

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Apr 9, 2014 ... Wikipedia is your friend. For formally declared wars (there were only 5 formally declared) wars, "military operations" authorized by congress ...

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Wars. (202) 461-7600. May 2016. American Revolution (1775-1783) .... Gulf War period has not yet been terminated and includes Veterans of Operations Iraqi ...

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All of the wars that the United States has fought. In depth information on the major wars.

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Oct 8, 2002 ... "America has not started a war in this century," Newsweek proudly declared at ... One reason that many people have qualms about the looming invasion ... until 1917, and we might have technically been able to abstain further.

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Jun 30, 2016 ... This chart provides a handy guide to the major wars in which Americans fought ranging from the colonial days to the current war in Afghanistan.

How many times has the U.S. declared war? See all 11 declarations.


Jun 17, 2014 ... ... to war many times since 1776, Congress has only declared war 11 times. ... 1812, just a couple of decades after the American Revolution.

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Discover the history of American wars spanning eras from the Revolution to the Civil ... of its armed services, and in many instances, similar civilian contributions to each war. Each war has been distinguished by selfless sacrifice, and this site is ...

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From the American Revolution to the Iraq War, the U.S. has fought in 12 major wars. Do you know their names, where they were fought and why, and who won?

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May 24, 2015 ... In many ways, Americans today feel removed from the Global War on ... in order to get involved, but has been a travesty of lies and war crimes ...

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Sep 22, 2014 ... So how many wars would you say the United States is now fighting? ... (B) armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, between two ...