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How many of his men went into with Odysseus to investigate the ...


How many of his men went with Odysseus to investigate to cave of the cyclops? Odysseus took 12 ... How did Odysseus and his men injure the giant Cyclops?

Where was the Cyclops when Odysseus and his men entered the cave


How many of his men went with Odysseus to investigate to cave of the cyclops? Odysseus took 12 ... How did Odysseus and his men injure the giant Cyclops?

How many men did Odysseus take into Polyphemus' cave


How do Odysseus and his men escape Polyphemus' cave? hiding under his ... How many of his men went with Odysseus to investigate the cave of a giant? 12.

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They lost many men by the time his twelve ships sailed away, and suffered a great ... They reach his cave - he is still in the pasture - and Odysseus' men want to steal ... off a hilltop and throws it near the ship, tossing it off balance with a giant wave. ... half of the weeping men under command of Eurylokhos off to investigate.

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Feb 22, 2012 ... Odysseus sent two men to investigate the local tribe, and determine if they were hostile. ... For the first time in many long months, Odysseus and his men ... The Cyclops rolled an enormous boulder into the cave's entrance as some crude ... Seeing the wine do its work on the giant's wits, Odysseus addressed ...

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Summary and Analysis Book 9 - In the One-Eyed Giant's Cave ... Odysseus advises his men to leave immediately with their riches, but they ignore his warnings. ... Many critics see Odysseus' wanderings as a series of trials or tests through which ... of Apollo, Odysseus sets out to investigate a cavern near the mainland shore.

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Dec 2, 2013 ... Thus, when Odysseus blinded the Cyclops and the other Cyclopses came to help , ... There is still much to say if we want to solve the mystery of these stories. ... of massive size, from whom the terrified men suddenly took flight and left the cave. ... “The skeleton of a giant found on Mount Erice near Trapani, ...

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Odysseus took twelve of his crewman and went ashore to investigate. ... He then rolled a giant stone in front of the cave entrance and began to milk the .... all his men, bring turmoil to his household and delay his homecoming for many years.

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Years 10-13, he journeyed and encountered many monsters – you'll hear about ... Odysseus and his men disembarked, weary from the wet weeks at sea. ... It was the cave of a hermit, and a giant one, too. .... Odysseus did not investigate. He went back to his ship, killing a stray stag on the way to serve as food for his men.



From there, Odysseus sailed to Sicily, where the Cyclopes lived. He and twelve of his men went to explore the island. They found a large cave filled with cheese ...