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Answer (1 of 1): They may be infringing if they sent the information they got from you to other organizations to be researched and documented. Though it is to be ...

EPIC - Passenger Profiling - Electronic Privacy Information Center


Although TSA and CBP have proposed new uses for personal data, the agencies .... In the future there is a risk that a CAPPS-II system might be deployed for the ..... system would infringe on the Constitutional right of association and travel.

EPIC - Air Travel Privacy


It may be as close to the heart of the individual as the choice of what he eats, ... called CAPPS (Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System) based on ...... and do not violate existing statutes or impermissibly infringe on Americans' ...

USATODAY.com - Privacy czar balances needs of nation, citizens


Jun 13, 2004 ... Nuala O'Connor Kelly is responsible for the privacy policies of the Homeland ... could in a real or perceived way infringe on the privacy of all Americans. ... but would be willing to give up a lot of personal information to an airline. ... on a controversial program called CAPPS II, which would require airlines and...

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Oct 1, 2003 ... You might remeber Scannell from a recent post of mine on CAPS II. ... Torch Concepts purchased matching personal records from Acxiom, one ...

Principles for Government Data Mining - The Constitution Project


... the government's collection, acquisition, and use of data does not infringe upon individual privacy rights and respects the constitutional rights of freedom of expression, .... Government data mining, which this report defines broadly,* can offer significant ..... The CAPPS II proposal was scrapped for a new program, Secure.

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Dec 26, 2007 ... DARPA submitted such a report in May, but privacy proponents such ... that the project would trample over citizens' right to personal privacy. ... However, such a system could both prevent terrorism and not infringe on civil .... Claiming most of the attention--and criticism--from privacy advocates are the Capps ...

Anonymization, Data-Matching and Privacy


strict data protection rules and chose the CAPPS II dispute between the ... From a European legal standpoint, EU airlines may not transfer personal data .... shall initiate procedures to terminate infringement of the provisions of this Regulation.”.



Aug 1, 2003 ... CAPPS II would allow TSA to access personal information regarding ..... vent the system from infringing on citizens' privacy and civil liber-.

Transatlantic Turbulence: The European Union and United States ...


Published May 2007 ... Sources Supporting CAPPS II and Passenger Profiling ..... Rosario Imperiali d'Afflitto, European Union Directive on Personal Privacy Rights and ...... 1385 (2004) (noting CAPPS II's potential for infringing civil liberties of ...

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CAPPS II Should Be Tested and Deployed - Heritage Foundation


Aug 28, 2003 ... A new computer-aided system would improve the TSA's ability to ... for subjecting passengers to personal searches and questioning. ... In January 2003, the TSA released a Privacy Act notice for CAPPS II. ... Some thought that CAPPS II was too broad in scope and could infringe on passengers' privacy.

Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists


All rights reserved. Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists : A Framework for Assessment .... the public can use to consider the utility, appropriateness, and empirical validity of data ..... (CAPPS II) and Secure Flight, 219.

Proposed FAA Regulations on Security Profiling - Electronic Privacy ...


The checked baggage of CAPS selectees would be screened by EDS ..... <bullet > CAPS does not involve any invasion of passengers' personal privacy. ... airline passenger screening system, as designed, would not infringe the civil rights or ...