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But I believe I've learned enough during my own experiences to be of some ..... Many sellers who are selling a Stratocaster will fail to mention in the ad that it's a  ...


I have a Fender Stratocaster that belonged to my Dad back when he was in a ... Wait until I look it up for you and then you can sell it to me for $1,000.00 USD.


Pawngo talks about history of Fender guitars and how they are valued today. ... " With it being my first time doing this, I was very pleased with the transaction and ... many models of guitars, two pillars stand out from the rest: the Stratocaster and ... A badly warped neck will render a guitar unplayable and ultimately worthless.


Read about guitar history and find out how much your guitar is worth at the Reverb Price Guide. ... Buy and sell music gear on Reverb. Price Guide. Gear; Price ...


Well, if you have a guitar, one of the things that you can do is either sell or pawn your guitar at the local pawn shop. Of course, if you are thinking about doing this  ...


Selling your vintage Fender Stratocaster, vintage Fender Telecaster, Dumble Amp or vintage Gibson Les Paul? Free Vintage Fender Stratocaster appraisals.


That's a, how long is a piece of string question. In the UK you can get a new strat for around ... In the UK you can get a new strat for around £600 or you could ask Eric to sell you Blackie? ... Can I put nylon strings on my Fender steel string guitar ? ... a value lower than a Japanese or Mexican Stratocaster in the same condition .


That's what they will sell your guitar for... you will get 60% of that number. ... All of a sudden the Fender Mustang amps come out on the market. ... Making statements like: "Look Jerky, do you know how many guitars I've bought? ..... fairly well, I would never ever go there trying to sell them my used gear.


You can get same-day payment if you'd like to just take the money, or trade up to a ... Check in with a sales associate to review what you have to sell or trade.


Good question. The easy answer is "it depends", but that's not very helpful. Without any more ... The irony here is that a great playing/sounding guitar will have been found by a working musician and ... I doubt many sell at those prices ( see Murphy.) ... To ease my sadness, my husband allowed me to look for another cat.