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Apr 17, 2017 ... Pricing your merchandise right is crucial when you're having a yard sale. If you set the prices too high, your stuff won't sell. If your prices are too ...


Need pricing ideas for your garage sale? We have some suggestions for you on what to sell your times for.


If you can't bring yourself to price an item at 'garage sale' prices described ... as much money as you can from your garage sale, you have to sell your stuff so ...


Oct 16, 2016 ... Pros at garage sales share tips on how to price garage sale items. ... If one of your goals is to get organized, cut the clutter and do some serious downsizing, you might want to ... How much to sell used furniture for ... Suggested price: A good rule of thumb is to charge no more than a third of the original price.


One thing that is always controversial is pricing garage sale items. How do you do it? How much should you charge? In order to answer these questions you ...


Why do I love yard sales so much? It saves me money on so many things. .... and instruction manuals for an item, you can probably charge a little bit more for it.


Pricing items at a yard sale can be challenging, especially when you remember exactly what you paid when you ... How much should I charge for a flashlight?


Yard Sale Pricing Guide. Clothes. Baby. $.25-1. Kids'. $.50-3. Juniors ... Charge More For. - New items. - Vintage/antique items. - Collectibles. - Designer brands.


Helpful tips for how to price yard sale items. ... signs prominently hung in front of these items, people repeatedly asked me, “How much do you want for this?”.