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What Will My Child's Teeth Retainer Cost? | Kool Smiles


The cost of a teeth retainer can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000. ... The severity of your child's crowded teeth and the type of retainer used will determine how much the .... How Much Do Kids' Dental Braces Cost without Insurance?

How much do orthodontic retainers cost? - Animated-Teeth.com


For the most part, this page will be of most interest to people trying to figure out their cost for replacement (broken, lost) retainers. That's because dentists ...

Braces and Retainers: Cost, Types and Benefits of Orthodontic ...


Learn about the benefits of dental braces and retainers, and find out about the different types, how much they cost, if they hurt, how they work, and how long you' ll have to wear them. ... Why do people need dental braces? How are patients ...

Vivera Clear Retainers | Invisalign


Invisalign clear Vivera retainers are a great way to hold your teeth in place ... How Invisalign Works Why Invisalign Invisalign For Adult & Teens Cost How Do I  ...

How Much Do Retainers Cost? – Cost Evaluation


Retainers are worn by people to help correct dental problems. Retainers are often worn by people after they have had braces removed. They are also ...

How Much Does a Retainer Cost? | Permanent or Removable ...


Sep 3, 2013 ... A dental retainer is a fixed or removable appliance that is prescribed to ... Retainers cost around $400 to $600 depending on which retainers ...

Replacing Orthodontic Dental Retainers for Less Using Sporting ...


Apr 26, 2016 ... Afraid of the cost of a replacement retainer? ... my own mold and ship it out to have retainers made and a much lower price, ... Also what kind of teeth do you guys work with that can be mold for the plastic retainers to be fixed?

How Much Does a Retainer Cost In 2016? - How Coster


For some who want to improve the quality and appearance of their teeth, one of the options recommended by dentists is to ... So, how much do retainers cost?

Answers to Permanent Retainers - DoctorBase


Fixed retainer: + makes sure your teeth do not move as long as it stays bonded in place ... Inconvenience and cost. Removable ... As a pediatric dentist who treats many orthodontic patients, I truly detest fixed (permanent) retainers. They are ...

Straightening Out Your Teeth: How Much Does Invisalign Cost? -


If your dentist has recommended straightening your teeth to avoid oral health ... But how much does Invisalign cost and is it a wiser choice than getting braces?

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Cost of Retainers - Consumer Information - CostHelper


How Much Do Retainers Cost? ... (Bonded retainers are often placed on the bottom teeth, with a removable retainer used on top.) Using a removable retainer to ...

Help! I've Lost My Removable Retainers, What Should I Do?


Aug 4, 2014 ... But I have fixed retainers; won't these keep my teeth straight? Fixed retainer .... About how much do the retainers cost? Thank you. Reply.

Dental Retainers - Orthodontic Appliances & Retainer Costs


Who treats retainer patients and does dental insurance help? ... Many orthodontists are trained to see children early (between age seven and nine) and to use ...