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How much does 50000 pennies weigh? ... 5 gallons of pennies weigh how much ? ... 180 pennies in a pound and there is roughly 32,500 pennies in 5 gallons.


180.55 pounds.180 pennies in a pound and there is roughly 32500 pennies in 5 gallons.32500.00 divided by 180= 180.55. ... 5 gallons of pennies weigh how much? 5 gallons of ... How much does 5 gallons of hydraulic oil weigh? 35.95lbs.


What does it weigh?It weighs around 176 pounds about $295. woot woot.


How many different ways can I make $1 by using coins? ... For example, weigh the empty gallon jar first and then fill with pennies. Estimating that each ... A: Three quarters, five dimes, five nickels and five pennies do not add up to $2. The total ...


May 28, 2011 ... How much is a gallon of pennies, anyway? ... Of course, the weight of the jar would not be revealed at such an event and the jar, ... cash at the time for my son's upcoming birthday presents and this would do quite nicely.


(From http://home.att.net/~numericana/answer/trivia.htm#npg) A gallon jug should hold around 4200 quarters. A quarter weighs 5.670 grams. That means 80 ...


Curious and also, anyone know how many pennies in a 5 gallon water jug? ... From 1983 to Present pennies weigh 2.5 grams .... The average Penny has a volume of .360 cubic centimeters...there are 1000 cubic centimeters ...


Jun 23, 1996 ... pennies I have, How much they weigh (I can't even move it), and are ... I personally would carefully sort them by year and mint-mark to do a


An average penny takes up .360 cubic centimeters and the average ... results in 3766g, almost exactly what a gallon of water would weigh.


Based on 145+ to 180 coins per pound, wonder how many pounds would be in the bottles... Any guesses? ... The number of pennies vary from about 5600 to 7800 pennys per gallon. ... (using an average of 160 pennys per lb)