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Professional piercers, who sometimes do tattoos, earn more in Washington, D.C. ... the same living standard, according to CNN Money's cost of living calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns About the Body Piercing Profession And The World's Only Tattoo School. How much money does a Body Piercer earn?

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In order to provide the most accurate salary analysis we have available for 'Body Piercer', we need to have the state in which you would like the analysis.

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Many piercers are self-employed and salaries vary widely depending on the stage ... An experienced piercer may earn between £18,000 and £30,000 per annum. ... The next thing I do is set up the autoclave which sterilises and cleans all the ...

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Estimates by other sources claim body piercers have a much higher earning potential, ... In this double-duty case, tattoo artists/body piercers may expect to earn between $19,629 and $39,561. ... Is It Illegal to Do Piercings Without a License?

How much money does a professional piercer make - Answers


A piercer at a shop can make a lot of money. Of course they don't get paid by the shop at all. It all depends on how much each piercing is, and how much the ...

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Jun 25, 2014 ... How does one go about finding an apprenticeship? If you're serious about this profession, speak to your piercer first. ... If you're wondering how much you can expect to make while doing your piercing apprenticeship ... as with most forms of education, it's more likely to cost you money than make you money.

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As of Jan 2016, the average pay for a Tattoo Artist / Body Piercer is $11.50/hr or $36079 annually. ... ADVERTISEMENT. Take the survey and earn more money.

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How many days a week on average would you do? ... Some piercers will take you on and train you if you pay them a large sum ... In the end shops are private small businesses and if they don't make a lot of money that month, ...

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Aug 3, 2009 ... There are a lot of things that can make you a good candidate for an ... Well, let's say I train you and you become a competent piercer. ... I know it would bother me that I could pierce well and wasn't actually making money doing it. ... 5) When your apprenticeship is over, do you want to open your own shop?

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Full Answer. Piercers who own their own business frequently make more money than piercers who work for or with other piercers or tattoo artists. The level of ...

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"Body piercers today routinely make over $100.00 per hour since they can ... or if there are body piercers, they charge ridiculous amounts of money because of ...

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Oct 3, 2010 ... And what all will i need to do to accomplish this goal? ... goes for piercers but in my experience they may make faster money... charging 25-100 ...