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How much money does Day[9] charge to cast a tournament? - Quora


$1,000 plus per day, plus travel expenses for live tournaments. For online tournaments, it varies wildly depending on who is putting it on ...

What is Sean 'Day [9]' Plott's net value in 2014? - Quora


Id guess somewhere in the 100k-300k range , maybe less. Could be more. I doubt 1mil. He has ... How much money does Day[9] charge to cast a tournament ?

How does day 9 make a living? - Quora


Youtube. Sponsorships. Hosting and Commentating events. Also he works for Artillery Games ... How much money does Day[9] charge to cast a tournament?

Where does Sean 'Day [9]' Plott work in 2014? - Quora


At Artillery I believe, at least that is where he works nowadays and has been working for a good ... How much money does Day[9] charge to cast a tournament ?

Blog #5.0 eSport Tournaments 101 :: Day[9]TV


Oct 15, 2012 ... Both tales contain many moments of horror and near escape, as befits a pre- Halloween blog. ... Tournaments held in front of a live audience take money to produce. ... it would cost to give you advice and set you up with the templates you need. .... When you have no money to cast the tournament and you're ...

Wait - Why NOT Subscribe to Day[9]? :: Day[9]TV


Apr 8, 2013 ... As for Day[9] running out of money, he has many, many subscribers, and he ... not be as popular as he is and therefore might not be hired to cast official events. ... and while donating/subscribing is greatly appreciated and does help Day[9], ... Sean, like lot of things in our lives is an optional donation cost.

Blog :: Day[9]TV


Sep 19, 2013 ... Artillery set out to do the impossible: to have graphically intensive, ... you are much more likely to be hired by a large commercial eSports organization. ... the ante in terms of cost and sophistication—making each event bigger and better than the last. ... Blog #6 Tournaments: TeSPA and the LoneStar Clash.

Tournaments :: Day[9]TV


Day[9] will be at GamesCom in Cologne Germany, August 15-19 to cast the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge tournament with Kaelaris, Artosis, and ...

Criticisms of Day9 ? - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Giant Bomb


Jul 27, 2010 ... How much money does he make? ... Day9 knows the details, but casting, just like casting of any sport, ... It's not like he's charging anyone for his videos either, and he certainly isn't asking a ton for tournaments. .... But in the reality of tournaments as an entertainment platform, there has to be a lot m...

Blog #6 Tournaments: TeSPA and the LoneStar Clash :: Day[9]TV


Oct 24, 2012 ... Blog #6 Tournaments: TeSPA and the LoneStar Clash .... heads because we thought they were reasonable amounts of money to charge even ...