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Gregory Ellis "Greg" Mathis (born April 5, 1960) is a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge ... Not only do I not support him, but I recommend he resign so the city can heal and move forward." On June 4, 2011 Motor City drivers lined up for ...


Judge Greg Mathis Net Worth and salary: Judge Greg Mathis is an American retired Superior Court Judge who has a ... How much is Judge Greg Mathis Worth ?


Feb 19, 2009 ... Now listen puppies, without the aid of the interweb, Your Mama would never have known who this Greg Mathis person is because we do not ...


Mar 26, 2013 ... Judge Brown plays on the Fox owned TV stations in many major ... by Indiana Judge Geoffrey Gaither, but Fox declined to make the swap.


Feb 17, 2010 ... Meet Linda Reese Mathis, wife of Television Judge Greg Mathis. Judge Mathis met Linda, a fellow Eastern Michigan University student, shortly ...


Apr 27, 2012 ... While some reality stars make little to no money at all—the average is about $5,000 a month—personalities who appear on popular shows like ...


Sep 10, 2013 ... So how does a 70-year-old grandmother of 12 make more than double than ... Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mills Lane, and Judge Mathis are out there ... and hefty salary are the result of her rulings being right on the money.”.


Nov 21, 2003 ... Column on reports by former litigants on the "Judge Mathis" TV show that they ... convinced me to make it interesting” by including reference to the alleged incident. ... So does her depiction of the pre-taping coaching she received. ... the contrary, “I put about $5,000 every six months of my own money into it.


Feb 27, 2013 ... After graduating from college in 1983, Judge Mathis joined the staff of ... You ever seen how much money as in MILLIONS she makes every year by ..... If they can't make you do something stupid, they will dig up some dirt from ...


Jul 18, 2015 ... Judge Greg Mathis had a knowing smile on his face when told our ... that has perplexed many ... how can someone declare bankruptcy when they also say they're rich as f**k? ... You know i cant understand how rich people just throw their money away why do anyone need a ... Ego can make you go broke.