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How Many songs can a 4 gig memory hold? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 25, 2006 ... Best Answer: Assuming an average of 5MB per song, 4GB should hold about 800 songs. The number of songs will vary depending on the ...

How Much Music Can 4 GB Hold? | eBay


Life is better when it has a soundtrack. That is the logic behind portable music players, which make a person's favorite tunes accessible from anywhere. Whether ...

How many songs can I fit on an MP3 player? - Telegraph


Jul 11, 2012 ... Depending on how they're digitised, differing amounts of music can fit onto ... how much music, in terms of time, I can store on one with a 4Gb memory. ... of music it can hold but we can make a few assumptions and do some ...

How many songs does a 4-GB MP3 player hold? | Reference.com


A 4 gigabyte MP3 player can hold approximately 1000 songs. This estimation assumes that the songs average 3 minutes and 30 seconds and are encoded in ...

How many songs can an MP3 player hold? » Anything But iPod


Dec 23, 2009 ... This might not seem like much, but it does mean that a 16GB player .... Normal CDs can hold up to 80 minutes of music (though few hold ... but I can fit a TON more music on my 4gb mp3 player than if it were still at 128 kbps.

How many songs does 4GB hold - Answers.com


1Gb is the same as 1024mb so 4Gb will be 4096mb. The number of songs that can be held really depends on how big (in megabytes) the song is. Some songs ...

How to Estimate How Many Songs a 4GB iPod Can Hold | eHow


How to Estimate How Many Songs a 4GB iPod Can Hold. When shopping for an iPod, the memory capacity is important; the greater the memory, the more songs ...

How Many Songs Does Each iPod Hold - EveryMac


How many songs does each iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch, and ... with the Apple estimated number of songs that each can hold, is provided below: ...

Song Capacity Calculator for MP3 Players - Richard Farrar


Apr 19, 2008 ... However, when you're converting your music from CD to MP3 (ripping as it's ... 21 : // Estimate how many songs and albums can be stored ..... Therefore, my iPod can only hold about 700 songs plus half a gb of podcasts. ... Anny is given a new MP3 player for her birthday which contains 4GB of storage.

How many songs can a 2GB iPod shuffle hold? - Quora


So, a 2 GB can hold around 250 -350 songs assuming that it uses around 1.9 G.. ... What are the cheapest iPod shuffles online in India with 2 GB, 4GB, and 8GB? ... How many songs does each iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPod  ...

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How Many Songs Can a 4GB iPod Hold? - Bright Hub


Mar 24, 2011 ... There are many sizes and types of iPods out there, and many people wonder how many songs a 4GB iPod can hold, or even a 16GB iPod.

Number of songs that can be stored on a memory card or Sansa player


Sep 14, 2008 ... How many songs can my Sansa player hold on both internal and external ... 4GB. 8GB. 16GB. 32GB. Number of songs. 125. 250. 500. 1000.

Audio & Memory Cards: How much record time do I have? - Sound ...


Jun 21, 2011 ... 4GB: 12hrs 26 mins. 8GB: 24hrs 52 mins. 16GB: 49hrs 44 mins. 32GB: 99hrs 29 mins. 64GB: 198hrs 57 mins. 132GB: 410hrs 21 mins