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The average 11-year-old girl in the US weighs 108.4 pounds. The average boy of that age weighs 103.2 pounds.
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Average Height to Weight Chart - Babies to Teenagers


Average height to weight ratio chart for kids and teenage girls and boys to be used in ... The average height to weight chart for girls and boys below represents a very rough average that should also be used in ... In the first year your newborn baby will on average gain 8 ounces in weight each month and ... 11, 19.9, 28.7.

Calculate Ideal Height and Weight for Children | Medindia


Click here to calculate the ideal height and weight for an infant (0 to 2 years) ... the age of 18, a child's height is double of their height when they are 2 years old.

How much should an 11 year old weigh - Answers on HealthTap


Answers from experts on how much should an 11 year old weigh. First: She is 90th percentile for height right now, 90th percentile for weight would be around ...

Ask Dr. Sears: Too Short and Heavy? | Parenting


It's difficult to tell what your "normal" weight and height should be since these are influenced ... The average 11-year-old boy would be around 55 inches tall and weigh ... concentrate more effectively at school and feel so much better all around .



Mar 20, 2010 ... This is very stupid, I have an 11 year old that had her period at 8 years old. She's 11 now and weighs 140. She is not fat, or chubby, or skinny.

How much should an average 11-year-old girl weigh? - Quora


I am not a doctor. And if you are concerned about weight, whether it's a consistent or changing body weight, then you should consult one. I tend to provide a...

How Much Should a 12 Year Old Kid Weigh? - YouTube


Oct 17, 2013 ... What is the average weight of normal twelve year olds? ... how much should 11 year olds im 85 lbs ..... Im a 12 year old girl and I'm 46.9.

How Much Should Your Average 11 Year Old Girl's Weight ... - Blurt It


Answer (1 of 16): The weight of an 11-year-old is dependent on their height. There is little difference between the weights of 11-year-old boys and girls of similar ...

How much do your 11 year old weigh?? - BabyCenter


Feb 13, 2011 ... Just curious what the average is for 11 year old boys here. ... wow.... my 11 year old boy is only about 4ft 9in, if that, and he .... If you have any concern about your own health or the health of your child, you should always ...

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Q: How much should an eleven year old weigh?
A: Eat healthier, be active, and your weight won't matter. At 11yrs old you should be out having fun and being a kid not being concerned with your weight. 0 0 Comm... Read More »
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Q: How Much Should An Eleven Year Old Weigh.
A: depending on height between 85-120 pounds which is about 6-8 stones. You are fine. Read More »
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Q: How Much Should An Eleven Year Old Weigh?
A: I am 11 years old. I will be 12 in three months. I am 5"3 almost 5"4 and i weich about 135 pounds. I feel soo fat... My sister always tells me im a fatty and st... Read More »
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Q: How much should an eleven year old weigh?
A: 100 pounds at 5 feet then 5 lbs per inch after that so 5'2" should be 110 pounds. but considering your 11 years old then thats perfect. also you will probably h... Read More »
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Q: How Much Should An Eleven Year Old Weigh When He Is 4 Foot 8?
A: Around 70-80 Read More »
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