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But do you know exactly how much soda pop you gulp in one year? ... The study shows that Americans drink an average of 1.6 cans of soda pop every day. That might ... Compare this to an average of 113 pounds of sugars per person in 1966.

How Much Soda Do Americans Drink a Day? | POPSUGAR Fitness


Sep 8, 2013 ... Drinking too much soda can lead to more than weight gain ... A recent national Gallup poll found that half of Americans drink one or more glasses of soda a day, with 7 .... 71-Year-Old Is Oldest Woman To Finish 100-Mile Race.

Can We Drink Soda Responsibly? - Time


Feb 5, 2013 ... The soda controversy continues to bubble up, with the American ... is our most consumed beverage; we drink almost twice as much as we do bottled water. .... My consumption is on the order of maybe 4 liters per year if that.

How much soda does the average American drink every year?


Carbonated soft drinks are the most consumed beverage in the United States with the average American drinking as much as 44.7 gallons each year, as reported by the Huffington Post. The... ... drinks approximately 50 gallons of soda per year, which is equivalent to about two standard cans per day. ... Why do I crave fish?

Water becomes America's favorite drink again - USA Today


Mar 11, 2013 ... McCain quizHow well do you remember the 2008 election? ..... Average American drinks 58 gallons of water per year; Bottled water may be the ... Stephen Ngo, a civil defense attorney, quit drinking soda a year ago when he ... ( It's difficult to track how much tap water people drink and how much is used for ...

Nearly Half of Americans Drink Soda Daily - Gallup


Jul 23, 2012 ... Two-thirds of Americans drink coffee daily, unchanged from 1999 ... Health experts say even one glass of sugary soda per day is too much. ... Those who drink one soda per day are slightly more likely to classify themselves as .... month it has been at this level and the highest in Gallup's seven-year trend.

The Average American Drinks 45 Gallons of Soda a Year - Gizmodo


Jun 27, 2011 ... Can people legitimately drink that much soda? ..... the soda decrease and water increase, but I figured I'd do the whole ... I think the math is off here. at 45 Gallons per year, that works out to being a mere 16 oz of soda a day ...

Half of Americans sip sugary drinks daily - CNN.com


Aug 31, 2011 ... When it was first invented, soda pop was a treat most people had once in a ... Somebody's Gotta Do It Parts Unknown Great American Stories Style Lisa ... Americans get 8% of daily calories from sugary drinks, a study from the CDC's ... $29,000 per year got 8.8% of their daily calories from sugary drinks, .....

Map of soda consumption: Americans drink more than anyone else.


Jul 12, 2012 ... Americans Drink More Soda Than Anyone Else. 189 ... The average American buys a whopping 170 liters of soda in the course of a year. That's 16 ... From New York Magazine Why Do I Jerk Awake Right As I'm Falling Asleep? .... The Ad Linking Smoking to Premature Birth Is So Wrong in So Many Ways.

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By The Numbers: What Americans Drink In A Year - Huffington Post


Jun 27, 2011 ... AdAge recently reported on American per capita beverage consumption for 2010. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that carbonated soft drinks ...

Americans Drink 44 Gallons of Soda Per Year - The Wire


Mar 11, 2013 ... How much soda do we drink, by the way? According to an Associated Press report published on Monday, independent of controversial ...

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Drinks at Least 1 Soda a Day: CDC – WebMD


Aug 14, 2014 ... ... American adults across 18 states finds 17 percent drinking at least one sugary soda per day, ... "I think most people still don't realize just how much sugar is found in these ... "I often do a demonstration and physically show people what 10 to 20 ... But where is soda and fruit drink consumption the ...

Sugary Drink Facts: Diabetes, Obesity, Beverage Industry Tactics ...


Learn about beverage industry marketing tactics and what the soda companies are saying/doing to block ... How many sugary drinks do Americans consume?

Highlights from Liquid Candy: How Soft Drinks are Harming ...


In 2001, Americans spent over $61 billion on soft drinks. The industry produced 15 billion gallons of soft drinks, twice as much as in 1974. That is equivalent to 587 12-ounce servings per year or 1.6 12-ounce cans per day for every man, woman, and ... 12- to 19-year-old boys who consume soda pop drink an average of 2 ...