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Opinion: How Obama has weaponized wit - CNN.com


Mar 21, 2013 ... Barack Obama would make a great stand-up comic, not because he's the funniest president ever but because he uses jokes the same way ...

Barack Obama has one mean wit - CNN.com


Apr 25, 2015 ... Here's some advice: If you've crossed Barack Obama in the last year, you might want to stay home on Saturday night.

6 - The Dean's Report


The last month has certainly felt like a January. Every week with playoff games ( decision .... How Obama has weaponized wit. 28 March 2013 Written by Dean ...

Obama's Weaponization of Government - Forbes


Jan 31, 2014 ... When you analyze the public response to the State of the Union and the latest polling data, it's clear that the President has lost a tremendous ...

Weaponized Islamic State Ebola, Obama's Marijuana Auctions, and ...


Nov 28, 2014 ... Weaponized Islamic State Ebola, Obama's Marijuana Auctions, and .... His father is Steve Horner, an anti-feminist right-wing author who has written a ..... Posting fake stories is not satire - satire requires wit, and a clear target.

How Will We Know? | The Weekly Standard


Jul 27, 2015 ... Yet that is effectively what Barack Obama has done with the Joint ... Since the clerical regime has declined to confess its past weaponization research, we can be ... Conservative Intelligence; Satirical Wit; Foreign Policy Insight ...

Found: The Islamic State's Terror Laptop of Doom | Foreign Policy


Aug 28, 2014 ... The document includes instructions for how to test the weaponized disease ... and the United States has devoted massive resources to preventing terrorists from .... Why the Paris Attacks Won't Be a Game-Changer for Obama.

Download (581kB) - Northumbria Research Link


Jan 17, 2015 ... ... Nixon, "You Think I'm Joking": The Weaponized Comedy of President Obama's ..... investigates satirical comic cartooning as moral critique and he has ..... “ weaponized wit”, marginalizing the self-‐deprecatory humour of ...

Christopher Hitchens's Best Zingers: From Sarah Palin to Barack ...


Dec 16, 2011 ... Christopher Hitchens was most loved for his infamously scathing wit. ... Christopher Hitchens's Best Zingers: From Sarah Palin to Barack Obama .... opinion there should be a nice, red line: Drones should not be weaponized.

How Donald Trump & Fox News are weaponizing hate - Salon


Jul 18, 2015 ... Now, in the age of Obama, this paranoid style has been ... To wit: The Fox News moral panic about roving groups of feral black young people ...

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Q: How come Obama sends weapons contract to Brazil who has ties with...
A: Simple.if you follow the money. The Soros investments must be protected at any cost to the American People. http://apcheck.blogspot.com/2011/03/obam. (And, yet,... Read More »
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Q: How many times now has Obama given weapons to those who hate the ...
A: Actually this has been a pattern of the U.S since Charlie Wilson's War when we helped the Mujaheddin [the terrorists] oust the Soviet Communists from Afghanista... Read More »
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Q: Please read this and give me your opinion. Max Sablosky If you wi...
A: Answer 1. You have good ideas. Words are more lethal than weapons. Because words produce the need for weapons. Words are the source of all of our problems, but ... Read More »
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Q: How come Obama has not taken my concealed weapon permit and my gu...
A: The Obama administration has decided that rather than take the political hit they would take if they tried to ban guns, that instead they will sign a United Nat... Read More »
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Q: How can Obama say that Syria has chemical weapons if Russia says ...
A: I don't understand. Syria HAS chemical weapons, better question did they USE them. UN has no evidence to support that Assad actually use the chem. weapons, why ... Read More »
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