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Responsible breeders learn everything they can about their breed and know all the pros and cons of ownership. ... However, you should never consider breeding a dog with a questionable temperament. ..... How often is someone at home?

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When a male dog and bitch are willing to breed, it is OK to breed them every other day. Owners should ensure their dogs are healthy and at an appropriate age ...

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Different breeds have different life spans, so the number of litters... ... Theoretically, a dog can give birth three times per year over its lifetime, but this puts tremendous strain on its body. ... A: Dogs often bite when humans intervene while they are playing or fighting with another dog. ... Can you leave a dog alone overnight? Q...

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The experts all seem to agree that the least healthy approach for a breeding bitch is to ... to breed them young, breed on every heat cycle until you are done, then spay them. ... They want to suggest that what we may feel is how a dog feels. ... 2 years of age (earlier and they aren't fully grown so often can't calve on their o...

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Jul 10, 2009 ... You can breed a dog on each heat, but doing so will impact her health and the health of her litters over time. The number of puppies in a litter ...

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Q. How many puppies do you produce each year? Q. What breeds of dogs are used and why? Q. How often do you breed your dogs? Q. Do you use crossbred  ...

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There is also a breed database for the breed of dog i have and i can also ... Sorry this is far too often to be breeding from a bitch - your post ... A Guide to Litter Registration can be obtained from the Kennel Club, but you will ...

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Owning a stud dog used for breeding is not always the simple operation many people ... How often a stud dog can be used seems to be a question with no single ... It is a good idea to hold any bitch you are not familiar with to prevent her from ...

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Jan 26, 2015 ... breeder will tell you, breeding from your dog or bitch may have its challenges ... will provide you with information on how to breed responsibly.

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If you can't afford a quality puppy wait until you can. It will save ... I'm hoping that you DO NOT breed your dog if this is what you had in mind.