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Oct 2, 2012 ... If you will, imagine yourself driving down the freeway. Five minutes has now passed. How many times have you checked your mirrors?


Wisconsin Test #14 - Practice for your DMV test in Wisconsin. ... In general when driving how often should you check your rearview mirror for traffic behind you?


Oct 8, 2009 ... How often do you think you should check your rear view mirror? Would you believe checking the rear view mirror every 5 to 8 seconds is ideal?


It is commonly taught that you should check your mirrors every 5-7 seconds, which ... In rapidly changing traffic, check your mirrors more often as the situation is ...


I am just wondering how often do you check your rearview and sideview mirrors? I was taught that you should check every so often to gauge ...


Check your rear view mirrors every 2–5 seconds so you know the position of vehicles ... To avoid tailgating, use the “3 second rule”: when the vehicle ahead of you ... you should look to the left and right sides of your vehicle to make sure no ...


You need to use your mirrors effectively to keep up with what is happening behind ... The examiner will check to see that you use your mirrors in good time, in the ...


When changing lanes check your mirrors then your blind spots. You ... So if your travelling 100k down the highway you should be fine unless ...


You need to scan constantly for hazards when you drive. ... Scanning ahead and checking your mirrors is usually enough when you are driving along in the ...


How to use your mirrors when driving in your test. Mirror check tips and advice for passing the driving test. ... There are three mirrors you need to use. The main interior ... Frequent checks should be made in normal driving but don't over do it.