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How Sony can regain its cool factor in smartphones - CNET


Jan 7, 2013 ... LAS VEGAS -- Sony hopes its Xperia smartphone brand will ultimately reach the same heights as its vaunted Trinitron and Walkman lines.

Here's how Sony can make its brand cool again | TechRadar


Oct 15, 2015 ... Sony can look to the likes of BA and Apple to regain some of the ... by managing to be both mainstream and retain the cool factor with both ...

Will Sony march away from mobile? - BBC News - BBC.com


Mar 3, 2015 ... What's more, its mobile division is a major factor in huge losses at Sony. ... ruthless when necessary and that's helped the share price, if not the profits, recover. ... Don't be surprised if Sony does not turn up at the 2020 Mobile World Congress. ..... CES - and the fruits of the smartphone revolution ... ...

Sony Xperia Z3: 10 things that you will love about Sony's new ...


Oct 21, 2014 ... The Sony Xperia Z3 inherits many features from its predecessors – the ... about the Sony Xperia Z3, and here are some things that we found Utra -cool: New form factor ... In the past, many high-end smartphones were prone to overheating. ... How to recover Deleted Files from iCloud storage [iOS Guide].

How Sony Fell Behind in the Tech Parade - The New York Times


Apr 14, 2012 ... “I believe Sony can change,” he said. ... With its catalog of music and foundation in electronics, Sony had the tools to create a .... including smartphones and tablets; cameras and camcorders; and games. ... “The bottom line is: if you want to be perceived as a creator of cool tech, you have to create cool tech.

How Samsung won and then lost the smartphone ... - Business Insider


Feb 26, 2015 ... ... Street Journal to publish its famous “Has Apple Lost Its Cool To Samsung? ... Now, Samsung is gearing up for its most important smartphone ... not the Galaxy S6 will be enough to help Samsung recover from its slump, .... There were a lot of factors for Samsung's major slip in 2014, but the ..... @Anti-Sony:.

Sony Mobile CEO: We will never ever sell or exit our smartphone ...


Jul 6, 2015 ... When addressing rumours about Sony potentially selling its mobile division, Totoki says that Sonywill never ever sell or exit from the current mobile business .” .... Xperia Companion updated ( to support more models; adds backup /restore .... Kyocera Proteus looks so cool, the future is coming.

Sony has its groove back | TechCentral


Jan 18, 2013 ... Since it bought out Ericsson's stake in its Sony Ericsson mobile phone ... has been confined largely to playing catch-up in the smartphone market. ... says it does suggest that Sony may be regaining the elusive “cool factor” and ...

Are More Deaths Looming in Smartphone Bloodbath? Sony ...


Jan 15, 2015 ... Sony can very legitimately say that Apple tried to match their old phone, and ... Style-wise the Xperia range is not cheap and plasticky like the Galaxy Series or a weird form factor like Blackberry or ... The Xperia Z1 was cool, sexy, slick. ..... And with Xperia, Nokia would regain a global sales footprint and a ...

Smartphone battery life over the years: A surprising study


Jun 17, 2016 ... The smartphone of today can take great daylight shots, and even ... And yet, its battery life just blows. ... any given smartphone will be a differentiating factor and a pronounced ... As you can see from the chart here, makers like Samsung and Sony ..... A nice ratio for charging time vs battery life would be cool.

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“Critically evaluate the 'One Sony' strategy effective from April 2012 ...


Especially if Sony can adapt its Sony-only technologies such as Exmor image .... Cheng, R. (2013) How Sony can regain its cool factor in smartphones [online].

The evolution of the smartphone | Pocketnow


Jul 28, 2014 ... When using data, you could expect to charge the phone after about ... Resistive touchscreen displays found their way onto smartphones, ... Form factors for these Windows Mobile handsets ranged from ... Palm OS phones came in droves, as well, from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Acer, Gamin, IBM, ...

How Samsung can regain the lead in the smartphone race ...


Aug 4, 2014 ... Jack Wallen proposes how the stumbling juggernaut Samsung can right ... There is one ugly truth that smartphone manufacturers cannot deny — their products are as ... If you want to appear hip and cool, you slap a pair of those bad boys .... In the past I have had Nokia Sony Ericsson Bosh iPhone and now ...