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The back of my hair is straight and the top and sides are too curly and frizzy. ... After I got out of college my hair had already become straight. ... I had a perm put in my hair and was wondering how long I should wait until I can have another perm ... What happens if you wash your permed hair before the 48 hour waiting period ....

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Getting a perm can be great to enliven kinky or curly hair, or to help get rid of lanky, ... Don't wash your hair for at least 24 hours after getting your perm. This will ...

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Jun 10, 2011 ... Is it possible for me to get a straightening treatment like those japanese straightening treatments after my perm? I can't live my life looking like ...

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Jul 14, 2015 ... ... be taken good care of. Here are the effective tips for permed hair to maintain them. ... How long will the perm last?? The effect of perm lasts ... After shampooing, it is very important that you condition your hair. It is a myth that ...

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Jul 11, 2013 ... Wash hair after a perm with help from a New York City hair and makeup ... kinda awkward, model has long, square face and has a matching square ... after washing my hair for a perm or do I need to use one I can wash out?

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Does anyone knows how long it takes to relax a bit? ... Hi I just had a spiral perm done yesterday can I just wet my hair with water spray after 24 hours ? Or will I .... said to wait 2 days (the day i got my perm being the first day) before washing.

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Subjecting hair to shampoo or even just hot water too soon after a perm will open the ... this can create unnecessary tangles and damage the effect of the perm.

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Hairdressers recommend waiting for 48 hours before washing permed hair to avoid loosening the curls, which ... How long after a perm can you wash your hair ?

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Wait to wash your hair for at least 24 hours after you get a perm. During the first 24 hours, your hair is getting accustomed to the chemicals. It is also abundantly ...

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How long should I wait to wash my hair after getting a perm? ... Shampooing causes the hair to lose moisture, which is a good reason not to shampoo chemically ...

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The Best Haircare for Silky, Shiny Hair · How Can I Get My Hair Really Curly by ... Apply a deep conditioner formulated for permed hair after you shampoo.

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Sep 9, 2010 ... 1) how long can i NOT wash my hair after my perm? ... My stylist said to always scrunch after a shower to maintain the life in your curls!

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A- A perm can last anywhere from around 2-6 months generally. The tighter ... Q- How long do I have to wait to wash my hair? ... Q- How about after my perm?

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Q: I just had my hair permed and after putting the neutralizer and leaving it on for ... to wash my hair with conditioner, but mistakenly shampooed my hair! ... If it becomes straight, how soon can I go back to another stylist and have it redone?

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“If your hair is too damaged, then we wouldn't recommend a perm,” says Cho. ... hair and using shampoo—the curls need time to set, and you don't want to wash them out before they do. ... I have been thinking about getting one soon, but deciding on what kind of perm to ... Can i wet my my hair with water only after curling?