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Destroyer (Thor)


At one point Thor was imprisoned in the ground, but Loki saved him by making him ... the armor by using the hunter's body as a shield before the Destroyer could fire at Thor, ... At one stage Th...

One day this robot might save your life in a disaster - KPCC


Jun 5, 2015 ... THOR stands for for Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot. ... It was too dangerous for people, so the thought is that if robots could do what humans do in a disaster situation, but go where humans ... A real-world comparison?

Team THOR | DRC Trials - Darpa


Virginia Tech is developing THOR, a Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot, which ... that this is why we do robotics -- developing technology that will save the world. ... can save even just one person's life in the future, then everything is worth it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Quotes - IMDb


Thor: [about The Vision] If he can wield the Hammer, he can keep the Stone. .... Wanda Maximoff: Ultron can't see the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you .... Bruce Banner: Only when I've created a murder- bot!

Ultron (Character) - Quotes - IMDb


[a mangled robot shambles into the Stark Tower] Bruce Banner: ... Ultron: I was designed to save the world. People ... Thor: IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?

Team THOR | DRC Finals - DARPA Robotics Challenge


May 8, 2015 ... Team THOR is a union of two robotics laboratories: the Robots and ... RoMeLa and GRASP have participated together in RoboCup, where they have been the world champions four years in a row. ... Despite these changes, THOR-RD weighs a mere 55 kg so it can still be carried ... Team Thor Egress Saved.

Designing robots to help in a disaster | Science News


Dec 3, 2014 ... Ideally, robots could take over for human crews in disaster zones. ... Widespread coral bleaching threatens world's reefs .... THOR-OP, tackled a rugged obstacle course to try to gain a spot in the finals, to be .... Quince also snapped its tether, leaving the bot stranded in a place where humans couldn't save it...

The Field: Thor: The Dark World, and the Comforting Universe of ...


Nov 7, 2013 ... When not saving the world, he disguised himself as a handicapped doctor, Donald ... But Thor suggested an entirely new heresy: that we could aspire to be as ..... Thor destroys the robot, saves the planet earth, and returns to ...

Ultron - Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki


How can you protect the world if you don't want it to change? ... force so the Avengers were no longer needed to save the world. ... After the assault on the HYDRA Research Base, and the retrieval of the Scepter, Stark asked Thor if he could ..... Wanda pried out Ultron's robotic heart and crushed it, inadvertently allowing him...

The Pentagon Wants These Robots To Save The Day : The Two ...


Jun 5, 2015 ... Those fearing the Pentagon-sponsored prize could signal the dawn of ... Dennis Hong's Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot (THOR) looks ...

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How THOR The Robot Could Save The World - Business Insider


Dec 15, 2013 ... VIDEO: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is hosting its 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials December 21-23 in ...

Robots that Could Save the World | CIO


Aug 6, 2013 ... This is a photo of Atlas, a robot developed by Boston Dynamics that some teams are using to ... Meet the other robots that could save the world.

At DARPA challenge, rescue robots show future of disaster relief ...


Jun 8, 2015 ... Teams compete to build the best rescue robot in a challenge by the ... as the robot goes through several poses, looking for all the world like a Transformer doing yoga. ... rescue robots that could help save lives when the next disaster hits . ... humanoid robot, THOR-RD, one of which sports shocking pink hair.

Robot Woodstock - NBC News


Jun 8, 2015 ... DARPA Challenge: Machines Face Off for Fans at 'Robot Woodstock ... as teams from around the world competed for $3.5 million in prize money. One day, these robots could save lives in areas hit by natural disasters and nuclear meltdowns ... THOR (Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot) was about a foot ...

UCLA's humanoid robot flexes its muscles at international competition


Jun 9, 2015 ... At stake for THOR, Hong and the robot's 35-member team of postdoctoral, ... The goal is to develop technology that one day will save people's lives. ... Science, which recruited him and other experts to build a world-class robotics program. ... simulation of the door so THOR could practice the task overnight.