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Your going to be tall! ... about things that influence your height, your growth rate and how tall past relatives are. ... Mom: around 5'3 Dad: around 6'0 I am a BOY.

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Are you concerned about it? Take this quiz and find out the answer today! -- How tall will you be in fut... ... 1. Are you finally ready to determine your height?

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Mar 2, 2015 ... How tall will I be? How to be tall. How to know how tall you will be. How tall are you? How tall am I going to be? Will I be tall or short? Be my ...

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... parents heights and also uses your families average height to determine near how tall you will be when you are done growing. ... Are you male or female?

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... tall will I be? How tall will my child be? ... Tall Sam Post author January 25, 2016 at 10:49 am .... if my mum is 6 2 my dad is 5 10 and I am 13 at 6 1 will I be tall.

How Tall Will I Be: Tips on Predicting Your Height - Teens - WebMD


WebMD discusses ways to help determine what you can expect when it comes to your final height.

Children's Height Predictor - How Tall Will Your Kid Grow?


Parents are often curious about how tall their kids will be when they grow up. This calculator estimates the future adult height of your child based on the current ...

How tall will your child grow | Australian Unity Health Insurance


If your child is between four and 17 years of age, based on their current height and the height of both parents, it's possible to make an estimate of how tall they ...

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May 28, 2014 ... You know your height. But how tall are you on the inside?..

Height Calculator


A child's height based on parental heights subjects to regression toward the mean. It means that very tall or short parents will likely to have taller or shorter child.

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Q: How tall am I going to be?
A: no one is going to have any idea how tall your going to be. and if someone gives you a number. they are just guessing. Genetics does play a roll in it.but it is... Read More »
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Q: How tall am i going to be?
A: You will probably peak at 5'10 at 18. Read More »
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Q: How tall am I going to be?
A: It is really based on your genes. How tall is your dad? How tall are the men in your family on both your mom and dad's side? Then you can get a pretty good pict... Read More »
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Q: How tall am I going to be?
A: how do you expect anyone on here to possibly no how tall you're going to be? We know nothing about you. We know nothing about your health, your diet, your envir... Read More »
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Q: How Tall Am I going To Be?
A: since you haven't finished piuberty yet you'll probably be between 5ft8-5ft10. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com