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Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962), known professionally as Tom Cruise, is an ..... The Superior Woman, usually older, taller and more mature than the Cruise character, who functions as a Mentor for his spirit, while the male Mentor ...


Jul 5, 2016 ... Tom Cruise is apparently 5 feet 7 inches tall. I say "apparently," but the actor has spent his whole career trying to make his true height as ...


Tom Cruise height is 5ft 7.75in or 172 cm tall. Discover more Celebrity Heights and Vote on how tall you think any Celebrity is!

Jan 15, 2016 ... Find out how tall Tom Cruise is! To help visualize his height, we've included a side by side comparison with other celebrities, short and tall!


Jan 4, 2017 ... It's true — a lot of people prefer the company of a tall drink of water. But you guys ... 1. Tom Cruise: 5'7'' ... tall man. It's no matter to Cruise.


How tall is Tom Cruise you may ask. There are many circulating rumors on the net regarding this. Due to close resources that TallerHeels have to Tom Cruise we ...


Apr 22, 2016 ... Tom Cruise (5'7") played the giant detective Jack Reacher, a character nearly a foot taller than he is – but some Hollywood actors have always ...


A lot has been and is still been said about Tom Cruise height. ... career, he has played roles that would have naturally been given to actors who are much taller.