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The height of the Statue of Liberty is 151 ft. from the base to the torch. ... Miss Liberty sits proudly atop the 65 ft. tall foundation fashioned in the shape of an ...


If you have ever visited the Statue of Liberty in person, you already know she's an imposing figure, but consider the following fun facts: ...


Did you know that the Statue of Liberty's index finger is eight feet long? Learn more fascinating facts and history about our beloved Lady Liberty!


Aug 8, 2015 ... General statistics for the Statue of Liberty. ... Wind Sway: 50 mph winds cause the Statue to sway up to 3 inches and the torch up to 6 inches.


May 3, 2017 ... The Statue of Liberty has experienced a surge in visitors. Here are 50 fascinating facts about the New York landmark.


Aug 24, 2006 ... The height from ground to the top of the torch is 305 feet (93 m); this includes the foundation and the pedestal. The height of the statue itself, ...


The Statue of Liberty is one well-known landmark, but how well do you really know her? Read our fun facts & find out.


The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor has greeted the many millions searching for freedom and opportunity. ... Size of fingernail, 13 x 10 inches. Head from ...


Dedication Date: October 28th 1886; Height Base to Pedestal Foundation: 305 ft 6inch; Height Statue to heel to head: 111ft 6inch; Face: 8ft tall; Tablet measures: ...