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A soda ban in New York City? Mayor's latest anti-obesity plan ...


May 31, 2012 ... Mayor's plan to ban oversized, sugary drinks in New York City has soda lovers up ... "Stopping people from eating or drinking something wouldn't mean they'll actively lose weight. ... Let me get this straight, you'll ban soda for being to sugary but not fruit juices? .... Coca-Cola and Pepsi can hel...

How the New York City soda ban can help you lose weight ...


Mar 20, 2013 ... A major news story recently has been New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg , advocating for a city-wide ban on the size of sugary drinks ...

Mayor Bloomberg Soda Ban - Huffington Post


Last year, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ... Read Whole Story ... Obesity Epidemic: What the NYC Soda Ban Is and Isn't. Rajiv Narayan ...

Nutrition experts: Despite ruling, soda ban is still a great idea - Vitals


Mar 12, 2013 ... A judge invalidated New York City's plan to ban large sugary drinks from .... So, banning jumbo drinks will help the population lose weight,and ..... be in full swing soon and if you do not work, you can get help for that for free.

Health Board Approves Bloomberg's Soda Ban - The New York Times


Sep 14, 2012 ... Fighting N.Y.C. Soda Ban, Industry Focuses on Personal Choice ... concerned about high rates of diabetes and weight-related health issues. ... the measure could lead to small businesses losing money on sales. ... “I can't imagine the board not acting on another problem that is .... Help. FAQ · Contact Us ...

the science behind the soda ban. - Slate


Sep 13, 2012 ... The New York Board of Health passed a rule prohibiting the sale of large sodas on Thursday. ... The contested science behind Bloomberg's ban on large-sized sodas. ... response to a New York City plan to forbid the sale of sugary drinks ... Second, would they lose weight if they consumed less sugary liquid ...

note large-sized soda ban as an alternative to soda tax - Cornell ...


This Note examines New York City's Sugary Drinks Portion Cap .... 1 Casey Neistat, 'Soda Ban Explained', N.Y. TIMES (Sept. .... “health regulations at the local level can have a measurable effect on public consumption.”). ..... half of obese adults have been advised to lose weight by their doctors); see also Christina C.

Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban Wouldn't Have Worked -- the Answer ...


Mar 13, 2013 ... ... New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial soda ban (a ban on 16 ... Solving the obesity epidemic can only happen on an individual level with ... A government ban won't help someone lose weight until that person decides ... you stick to the diet and exercise program and you lose the weight.

Half of New Yorkers say Bloomberg ban on giant sodas is bad idea ...


Jun 5, 2012 ... Half of New Yorkers say Bloomberg ban on giant sodas is bad idea ... Forty-five percent of those polled said they think the ban would help people lose weight, while 52 ... put in front of you," Bloomberg said in an interview with CBS News. ... Since New York City banned sugared beverages from schools in ...

How diet soda can sabotage your diet - MarketWatch


Jun 30, 2014 ... But one of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ... the ban on large sugar-sweetened drinks — has finally fallen flat. ... Researchers are divided over whether diet soda helps people lose weight. ... suggests people can use diet beverages to lose weight, she adds. ... “You have to want it.

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New York City Soda ban has stirred more than just a debate (with ...


The prolonged New York City Soda Ban initiated in 2012. ... portions of drinks such as soda can cause overconsumption or addiction to drink more and more.

Would NYC's Ban on Big Sodas Reduce Obesity? - LiveScience


May 31, 2012 ... A proposal to ban the sale of large, sugar-sweetened drinks in some New ... reasonable, appropriate portion sizes if we want to help reduce the ... in servings larger than 16 ounces at New York City food service outlets ... of soda and junk food in schools did not significantly reduce the weight of students.

NYC Soda Ban - The Coca-Cola Company


Oct 30, 2012 ... NYC Soda Ban: Who Is Affected and How They Are Preparing for It ... “You are going to end up putting the small businesses out of business,” ... employees and their families can be the healthiest and lose the most weight.

Does banning jumbo sodas really help people lose weight?


Sep 14, 2012 ... On Thursday, the New York City Board of Health approved Mayor Bloomberg's ... Bloomberg's soda ban is "bold" but "completely appropriate": Sugary ... a load of sugar that has serious metabolic effects without making you feel full. ... to switch drinks "rather than continuing to buy soda ...

Bloomberg's NYC Soda Ban Obesity Effects - Business Insider


Mar 14, 2013 ... The New York City soda ban would have collectively save around ... boy can still enjoy his Big Gulp on the streets of New York City after a ... "People are beginning to recognize that soda is bad for you, that soda makes you gain weight , ..... health care and get discounts for losing weight and getting healthy.