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History of the papacy


After defeating the papal forces in 1870, the Italian government ... Rome became once again, for the first time in ...



The pope is the bishop of Rome. The name derives from a Greek word pappas, meaning father, and Rome's bishop is seen as ...

Was Peter the First Pope? How the Papacy Originated


Catholics believe that the bishop of Rome inherits the mantle of Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ who was entrusted with the administration of his church after he ...

Apologetics Press - The Origin of the Papacy


The Origin of the Papacy ... The question remains: “When did the papacy begin? ... Rome in the West and Constantinople in the East gained greater prominence ...

Papal Rome takes Pagan Rome's Power | The Papacy and the ...


Jun 26, 2009 ... The Roman Church grew in power as the Roman government declined. And even when.

The Criminal History of the Papacy - 1


The pope and his brother increased their army and returned to Rome, but a body .... to the papacy... the strife that originated was always an occasion of scandal, ...

papacy | Roman Catholicism | Britannica.com


Dec 31, 2014 ... The office and jurisdiction of the bishop of Rome, the pope (Latin papa, from Greek pappas, “father”), who presides over the central government ...

The Papacy – Introduction to Roman Catholicism


Origins of the Papacy. The beginnings of the Papacy (From the Greek Pappas : ' Father') may be traced to Christ's words to Peter: “And I say to thee: That thou art  ...

Popes of the Roman Catholic Church - Popes - Catholic Life ...


Those words, which now circle the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, serve as the biblical mandate for the papacy. All popes are considered symbolic ...

Origins of Peter as Pope | Catholic Answers


"[Simon Peter said to Simon Magus in Rome:] 'For you now stand in direct opposition to me, who am a firm rock, the foundation of the Church' [Matt. 16:18]"  ...

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The Rise of the Papacy by David Wells - Ligonier Ministries


There are one billion Roman Catholics worldwide, one billion people who are subject to the Pope's authority. How, one might ask, did all of this happen?

history of the papacy - ReligionFacts


Mar 17, 2015 ... The preeminence of the bishop of Rome over the entire Catholic Church, an institution known as "the papacy," took centuries to develop. In the ...

What is the ORIGIN of the Pope's title? - The Bible Study Site


Have you ever wondered where the Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, got his title? While some might THINK the title came from the Bible, it did not.