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Nov 30, 2009 ... In many households today, broadband Internet connections are used not only for e-mail and Web browsing, but also to stream music and video, ...


Is there a way to block all internet traffic? I leave my PC for some time and I would like to stop the internet connection.I can not shut off the...


Dec 25, 2009 ... Artwork: Chip Taylor In many households today, broadband Internet connections are used not only for e-mail and Web browsing, but also to ...


Jun 30, 2016 ... The example of traffic on roads is the same thing that occurs on the Internet. Rather than call it a “traffic jam”, we say it is network congestion.


You need to have a route to you NAS server that goes along the VPN. Having the default-route on the VPN is apparently a way to achieve that ...


Before we get into the details of avoiding Internet surveillance, we should .... for anyone to monitor browsing traffic (though it's been rumored that the NSA is ...


Jul 3, 2012 ... You need to avoid installing/using browser plug-ins, always use HTTPS (as ... of a browser extension for Firefox, Internet Explorer, or your iPhone/iPad. ... If you're a BitTorrent user you can anonymize your traffic with BTGuard.


Jul 10, 2013 ... In other words, if you're connected to a VPN located in Iceland, all your network traffic will be redirected to Iceland before it emerges. Replies ...


Dec 14, 2011 ... Stop VPN being used on internet traffic on Win 7 [duplicate] ... How can I make the Windows VPN route selective traffic (by destination network)?


Mar 25, 2017 ... The short answer is to avoid free services, and if you consider yourself ... who controls a Wi-Fi network could use to decrypt their traffic.