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The golden hamster or Syrian hamster kept as a pet or research animal typically has a golden ... Hamsters are often born with no eyes when breeding a White Bellied or ... A true albino Syrian Hamste...

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If you've been given a hamster and have no idea what breed it is, a little ... Many Campbell's white hamsters are actually albino, so they'll have red or pink eyes.

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These hamsters do not necessarily have red/ruby eyes. ... Thus, you would never want to breed an Albino from one of these litters to a Mottled or you would be ...

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If you breed 2 dominant genes together, it will produce some eyeless whites and some ... It is a reccesive gene, meaning that a hamster has to have two of these ... ALBINO. The albino gene is a unique color. Albino, or cc, is a single gene and ...

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... how to breed them and thirdly the impact they are having on the hamsters ... Albino; Argente; Mottled including spotted and banded; Platinum; Black Eyed ...

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The result is supersatinisation, which means the babies will have very sparse fur, and if you breed supersatins, the result is almost hairless hamsters. There is ...

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Albino white hamster with red eyes. ... Commercially bred hamsters often have received little or no handling and therefore can take a little longer to become ...

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Jun 28, 2011 ... To the right is a picture of a Satin albino pup. Only breeding or knowing the parents genes can determine if you have an albino or Red Eyed ...

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How to Breed Hamsters. Cute and cuddly, hamsters make wonderful pets. Breeding them isn't always a simple task; buying two random hamsters and breeding ...

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2) All Campbell's dwarf hamsters have a dorsal stripe, unless they're albino. ... these so you know what kind of hamster you want or might consider breeding.

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Hamster Breeds ... Syrian hamsters are the most popular with pet owners due to their docile personalities and the ... Albino: This hamster is white with red eyes.

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I have been breeding Roborovski Hamsters since 2001 and during this time I ..... Although there are the occasional Albino Roborovski Hamster these do have ...

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It is also the color you will get if you breed two animals of different colors if they do ... If a hamster has two albino genes and two black genes, instead of being a ...