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How to Combat Broad Mites
Broad mites are miniscule, clear or light brown insects that infest a variety of common plants such as azaleas, African violets, impatiens and begonias. The insects are so small that they are almost impossible to see, though they cause considerable... More »
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Repeat treatments weeky for 5 more weeks after mites are gone - After you think broad or russet mites are completely gone, don't stop! Treat your plant with a ...


Jan 27, 2016 ... Spider mites are much larger than broad mites, hemp russet mites or ... In your experience, when treating broad mites, what has worked and ...


The broad mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus, was first described by Banks .... While a number of miticides are labeled for control of this pest, insecticidal oils or  ...


Sep 2, 2009 ... Broad mite infested plants are usually submitted as a suspect disease problem. ... The good news is that broad mite is relatively easy to control.


Broad Mites are tiny arachnids and, as such, have eight legs. They may be white, yellow or brown in color. Because they measure only 1/150 inch, they can only ...


Products 1 - 18 of 18 ... Our inhouse notes may assist you with controlling persistent infestations of Russet, Cyclamen or Broad Mites.


This will kill broad mites and your plants will love it. ... The mites CAN'T handle the hot water and they die, the plant on the other hand CAN ...


stunt and reduce plant growth, increase shoot proliferation farther down the stem, and sometimes result in a leaf color change. Broad mite saliva is toxic to plants ...