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How to handle your Facebook friends' posts on politics - USA Today


Oct 30, 2015 ... How to handle your Facebook friends' posts on politics ... Keep your political posts to facts and figures and funny (not mean) things. ... trolled my posts with negative opinions,” said one poster on my Facebook wall in response ...

Tools for Addressing Abuse | Facebook Help Center | Facebook


5 Things You Can Do. Send a message to the person responsible for posting; Unfriend the person to remove them from your friend list; Block the person from ...

How do I stop someone from posting slanderous ... - Facebook


My Daughter has been posting lies and slanderous things about me. ... Doesn't matter if you block someone from your pages. They go on theirs and, their friends  ...

10 tactics for handling haters on Facebook - Marketing Land


Mar 21, 2016 ... Has a persistent troll been posting bad stuff on your page and raining on ... Once you “Hide” a negative comment from someone, the “Ban” user ...

How to handle personal attacks on social media – Poynter


Aug 20, 2013 ... Near every Timeline post, Facebook provides a tool that lets you ... your response can be a democratic one that includes fighting bad speech with more (good) speech. If someone's attacked you on social media, here are four steps for ... more likely to support you and your work when things are going well ...

5 Ways to Handle Your Obnoxiously Political Facebook Friends ...


Sep 19, 2012 ... 5 Ways to Handle Your Obnoxiously Political Facebook Friends. Remember these things to stay sane online. ... They're the Facebook friends who can't post a status update without making it political, or who ... And a break from them until after the election hooplah has died down might not be a bad idea.

How To Deal With Toxic 'Friends' On Your Facebook Wall - Pajiba


Jun 23, 2016 ... How To Deal With Toxic 'Friends' On Your Facebook Wall ... enough without people endlessly antagonizing you on a website where you get to post fun things like this: ... Bad Movies You Forgot Starred Today's Greatest Actors.

7 Tips for Dealing With Upset Facebook Fans : Social Media Examiner


Aug 30, 2011 ... Facebook community management: Learn how to respond to upset fans and how deal with ... Facebook wall post from someone who likes your business (or used to, so it seems)? ... Moreover, your community can see that angry post. ... However, offering things like direct lines and special discounts publicly ...

7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook - Wait But Why


Jul 8, 2013 ... It made me think about what makes terrible Facebook behavior terrible, and why other ... Because things in those two categories do something for me, the reader. ... Description: A post making your life sound great, either in a macro sense (got your dream job, ...... They are your friends so learn to deal with it.

3 Ways to Deal With Your Family on Facebook - wikiHow


You may love using Facebook to connect with your friends, but that doesn't mean that you ... If you are posting things that you absolutely don't want your family to see, consider .... This way, no one will post anything—good or bad—to your wall.