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The creation–evolution controversy involves an ongoing, recurring cultural, political, and theological dispute about the origins ...

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Jul 1, 2002 ... Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing ... find themselves on the spot to defend evolution and refute creationism. ... some of the most common "scientific" arguments raised against evolution.

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How to Defend Evolutionism Against Creationism. The idea of evolution has been around since the 1800s and is widely accepted around the world. Still, there ...

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Feb 6, 2014 ... Adam Rutherford: At the recent Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, Buzzfeed asked creationists in attendance to write a question or message for 'the ...

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A Creationist Exposed: Creationists enjoy pointing out evolutionary ... collectively providing overwhelming evidence for evolution and against special creation. ... by Creationists: Clarence Darrow, the defending attorney in the Scopes trial, ...

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A fascinating new book, Defending Evolution (Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2001, 261 pp.) ... Both authors have seemingly studied creationist writings extensively. ... as a very strong evidence against macroevolution, and have given abundant ...

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Creationists also would anticipate that any "vertical changes" in organized complexity ... Thus, arguments and evidences against evolution are, at the same time, ...

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Feb 5, 2014 ... 5 Arguments for and Against Creationism From the Ken Ham, Bill Nye .... ' Evolution Weekend' Organizer Says Ken Ham-Bill Nye Debate Has ...

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Contrary to the popular cry that “science has proven evolution as fact,” the scientific facts themselves argue against evolution. ... what creationists teach, the senior editor of BioLogos chose to ignore actual creationist arguments. ..... dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Hide Creation Evolution Journal ... In pseudoscience, hypotheses are erected as defenses against the facts. ... Scientific creationists interpret the fossils found in the earth's rocks as the remains of animals that perished in the Noachian Deluge.