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Your actual gas efficiency, measured in mileage (mpg or kpg), may vary from stated ... Calculate Get the miles traveled from the trip odometer, or subtract the ...

How to Calculate Your Car's Fuel Efficiency in MPG (with Examples)


How to Calculate Your Car's Fuel Efficiency (MPG). As gas prices rise, fuel efficiency is becoming more and more of a critical factor. Knowing your car's MPG  ...

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Fuel Cost Calculator


Calculator to estimate the fuel cost of a trip. ... Tuning up your existing vehicle for the best mile per gallon (MPG), which include ... With today's GPS route planners, it's easy to calculate a straight route with the fewest stops and diversions.

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Calculating Your Car's Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Yield ... Calculate. Get the miles traveled from the trip odometer, or subtract the original odometer reading from ...

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This simple calculator will do it quickly. The only required fields are Miles Driven and Gallons of Gas. But if you want to figure out monthly and yearly gas ...

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As the cost of gas goes up it becomes more and more important to use it more ... It is relatively easy to calculate how many miles per gallon you are getting.

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Taking a road trip can be the ideal way to see the countryside. The next time you' re thinking about a road trip, plan ahead by calculating your car's gas mileage.

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Determine how many miles per gallon your car gets. ... Miles Driven: mi. Gallons of Gas: gal. Optional ... Check out our Conversion Software for Windows.

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Plan your route and estimate how much you will spend on gas on your next trip. ... www.fueleconomy.gov - the official government source for fuel economy ...

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Use the Gas Mileage Calculator to determine how much fuel your vehicle consumes. Read Help ... Gas Mileage: 0.0 MPG, 0.0 L/100km. Cost per Distance  ...

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Learn how to calculate gas mileage and take the first step to saving money on gasoline. Don't worry, the math is easier than you might think.