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Other characters like line elements are drawn as the wrong ... How to configure PuTTY to correctly display special characters and not ...


PuTTY and curses line display issue [duplicate] ... grawity got the line issue correct with Making 256-color AND Line drawing characters both ...


Today my YaST started rendering lines like this: l and q instead of lines ... PuTTY config page showing translation window .... Is it possible for Windows' command prompt to display the correct charters when connected to a ...


There is some mismatch between your terminal emulator and the terminfo database ... I'm having trouble getting tmux to display lines for borders. ... It displays correctly on other servers, but not the debian. ... and "Use Unicode line drawing code points" under Window -> Translation in your putty settings.


Jul 27, 2009 ... This will display following warning message. .... Fig: Launch PuTTY session with one click from command line ... If you're using a UTF-8 lang on the server then PuTTy won't display the extended characters correctly, i.e. if you ...


Apr 4, 2014 ... When using a graphical interface such as YaST inside the PuTTY SSH client, characters do not display properly and it can be difficult to read.


Jan 6, 2008 ... When using Midnight Commander with the default settings of PuTTY connected to my Ubuntu Linux machine the line drawing characters are all messed up. ... the same behavior while it works properly with mc on SUSE Linux 11.3. ... I followed the tip to open the MC menu called “Display bits” and change ...


You can't see this, but the last option is not selectable. Is there some option in PuTTY I need to use in order to see this correctly? command-line ...


One of my servers displays the lines correctly. Code: .... Problem solved! The codepage for PuTTY sessions with the problem were set to UTF8.


UTF-8 Handling of line drawing characters = Use Unicode line ... Here's what I saw in PuTTY: screenshot-putty.gif .... I sure wish SecureCRT could correctly display Debian package configuration under Ubuntu or Debian.