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Down in the Dumps? How to Become a More Positive Person


Nov 15, 2013 ... If you've been feeling down and wake up dreading what the day may bring, it's time that you started adopting the practices of more positive ...

Epic Self | How To Feel Sexy From The Inside Out With Pilates - Epic ...


Prime example: When you slump your shoulders and hunch your back do you feel confident? Even if you are down in the dumps, when you correct your posture  ...

Here's How to Make Your Man Feel More Confident and Attractive ...


When they have a fight with their friend, you should calm them down. ... ways to make your man feel more confident and attractive when he's down in the dumps:  ...

4 Ways to Pick Yourself up when You're Feeling Down - wikiHow


Jul 13, 2015 ... As much as you may have right in the world to feel depressed, remaining in a state of ... When you are down in the dumps, the last thing you probably want to do is be active, but it is the best ... Have a mug of hot chocolate.

8 Ways to Make a Man Feel like a Man | MadameNoire


Jun 9, 2011 ... Your man wants to feel loved; he wants to feel attractive; he wants to feel capable and needed. ... Has your man been down in the dumps?

Surprising reasons you're not having sex - CNN.com


Feb 12, 2008 ... Your bed isn't sexy anymore. ... Hot flashes don't help matters, either. ... When you're feeling down in the dumps, desire can take a big hit, ...

Are you depressed - or just down? | Daily Mail Online


Physical factors such as sleeping in a room that's too hot or being disturbed by ... Someone who is just feeling down in the dumps about a certain aspect of their ...

omghow › How To Be Sexy


Don't get down in the dumps over how you look. ... Since confidence is the key to being sexy, skip buying anything that you will feel awkward in. How To Be Sexy ...

I feel ugly : How to say “no” to ugly days. | Becoming Beautiful


Apr 15, 2011 ... But I can't help myself because when I'm down in the dumps, I'm ... And if I'm still feeling ugly, the red lipstick never fails to make me feel sexy.

SparkLife » 60 Things to Do When You're Down in the Dumps


Write down why you're in the dumps. Sometimes it helps to see exactly what's making you feel lousy. 2. Make yourself some hot tea. 3.

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Q: How to cheer someone up when they feel sad, worthless and down in...
A: Aww, don't feel sad or worthless. Everyone is worth something and everyone is special. Just think happy thoughts or try to concentrate on things that make you r... Read More »
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Q: When you get home from a vacation, how can you prevent feeling lo...
A: Well, I'll tell you of my experience : I've been back here to my home state, Michigan, after having spent my last 2 years in Spain. I arrived here on the first ... Read More »
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Q: My girlfriend of nearly 3 years now tells me she likes to flirt w...
A: If she was not telling you about her flirting you would have something to worry about, but since she's admitting it, it is probably just fun for her to do and i... Read More »
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Q: How do you make yourself feel sexy when you get down grated alot?
A: The partner's got to go.sexy comes from the inside-out.if your partner doesn't get it.give him (her) the Ziggy, the pink slip, their walking papers, notice of n... Read More »
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Q: How do you handle those nights when you are feeling really down i...
A: It helps me, when I feel down, to cry. I know...sounds dumb, put on some sad music or shows or whatever you wanna do and just let it out. Get it all out and you... Read More »
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