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Dance Dance Revolution abbreviated DDR and also known as Dancing Stage in earlier games .... DDR 4th Mix removed the names of the song and made it simple by ... showing how difficult a particular se...

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It doesn't matter how good you are, do not make fun of new players. You should ... To really improve once you start playing Light/Basic (yellow) and ... Do not learn to play just one song perfectly to show off! .... For those that get technical, if you find yourself stuck on a certain foot level, like 7 feet (2.1 m), then try the f...

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You say really good, so let me assume you mean, able to pass every song with nothing ... a B. This is reasonable, as most tournament players have A's on all songs save one or ... of strictly DDR music to help you internalize the songs to make your PA better. There are forums to discuss tricks for specific songs, or nonstops.

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Jul 15, 2013 ... It's good to know that even you aren't perfect in all songs ... I really want to get better at ddr, but i'm too embarrassed to go to the crappy arcade ... one thing that definitely helps is playing flat-footed. while it's not impossible to ...

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Are one of those flimsy plastic-mat ones ok if you tape it to some plywood? ... But make sure you get something a bit better than the bottom line. .... games so if you' re looking for a particular game mix they already have it. .... And stepmania was fun for memorizing charts and practicing songs i didn't have ...

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When DDR came out on the PS3, I was expecting the most amazing song selection ... but instead sell one good song with four bad songs for a ridiculous price of 5 ... get rid of the background to make the songs consistent with the other songs' ...

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Jul 30, 2005 ... How to Get Better: Perfect Attack and the Grading Scale 3. .... Let's see how this plays out on a certain song. ... If you'rehalf-intelligent, you should've guessed that means that one got a lot of perfects and less than or equal to 9 ...

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The player chooses their song and they move their feet to the pattern of the arrows on the dance ... What better way to get your children involved in exercise than by doing ... Dance Dance Revolution games offer a specific "Workout Mode" in which ... However, as with all new diet or exercise plans, it is recommended that one ...

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Nov 30, 2012 ... Would it be better for me to play things that I can get A's on and try to AA them? ... Vast Universe: Can pretty consistently A it, but this has to be one of ... a comfortable read speed for the BPM of the song you're playing. ... When I first started playing Stepmania, I was 12 years old and a mediocre DDR play...

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You'll need to pay some extra money to get a dance pad in order to truly expose ... Late 2002 saw the release of DDR Max US, and while it's still better than the PS1 ... for when, for example, you want a bigger challenge on a particular song.

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As with anything, you want to get better at, practice makes perfect, and this game ... arrows until you start doing songs on Heavy mode, but it's good to know about them, ... Just like getting on beat, this is one part of DDR you must get down.

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You get really good at DDR through a combination... ... DDR is a physical activity that requires very specific, unique movements done at high ... If you are presented one song after another without pauses and you really try to survive as long as ...

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"i would say that i am extreamly good 4 only playing the game 4 only 7 months ... The most difficult songs contain extremely complex patterns of notes, or get ... DDR is meant to be played on big arcade machines, like the one in the picture below: .... (a step that must be held down for a certain length of time) are in the song.