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The trouble is that it is often difficult to know how to relieve someone's troubles. This is especially true when the problems a friend is experiencing have to do with  ...


There are countless family problems that your friend could be having. Allowing your friend to talk about it, although it mightn't seem very helpful, is ver.


It's not just the Beatles who get by "With a Little Help From My Friends." Having a friend with family problems means that you may need to step in and help her to ...


They either try to handle the problem themselves or talk to their friends. It's important to think about how to help yourself as well as a friend who comes to you. ... moving away, the death of someone close to us, or family financial problems.


Jun 14, 2013 ... But when it comes to serious family problems, there's not much you can do ... or a mutual friend was having a hard time and needed to get help.


Aug 4, 2017 ... Three Methods:Supporting Your FriendKnowing What to SayAvoiding ... Before you say anything, try to figure out what the problem is. This will ...


How do you help a friend who's having family problems and they need help ... to your words, without you sounding intrusive with how they deal with their lives.


Apr 29, 2014 ... It's hard to watch a friend or family member ruin or harm themselves financially. ... it was like to watch me (mis)handle my money while knowing better. ... Your Mate, ” says, “The reason [trying to help your friend with money] is ...


Help a friend or loved one overcome a gambling problem ... Getting irritated more easily or having less patience when dealing with normal, everyday activities.