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How to Introduce Dogs When You Get Married - Pets


If you're getting married and are worried about the furkids getting along, take heart; it's easy to introduce two dogs to one another if you do it right and are careful ...

Meet and Greets: Don't Force Your Dog Into An Arranged Marriage


Meet and Greets: Don't Force Your Dog Into An Arranged Marriage ... If you realize that the dogs don't get along prior to paying the adoption fee, you can ... An inexperienced person introducing two dogs can, and often times does, have very ...

Marriage, pregnancy, puppies - Virtualbark - Help


When can my dog get married? Your dog needs to be over 30 turns of age. How can I get my dog married? Same place you feed or walk your dog, you will find a  ...

How to Introduce a Dog to Your Cat - Catster


Despite what you may believe, cats and dogs can and do get along. Dogs are pack animals and will usually adjust well to life with a cat. Some cats who can't ...

Multi-Pet Households - Your Dog's Friend


If you have multiple pets at home, introduce each one to the newcomer ... would have chosen for the old family cat, or you married someone with his own pet.

Pet Talk: Patience paves the way to peace when combining ...


Sep 20, 2013 ... Introducing your pets to each other when you get married or move in together can ... can help prevent your pets from fighting like cats and dogs.

Moving in together: How to effectively socialize pets - ExpertBeacon


Consider this advice when introducing a new shared living situation with your pets and your partner's. ... If you have a dog or cat with some attitude - make sure the new family knows and ... More expert advice about Marriage and Couples.

Help dog adjust to new marriage - tribunedigital-chicagotribune


Mar 22, 2012 ... If either partner has a dog, it's important to help a pet adjust to the combination of ... "Dogs have different personalities, and while some are excited to have new ... Consider your dog's personality when introducing her to a new love interest. ... You and your spouse should discuss your dog's current...

When Cat People Marry Dog People - Pet360 Pet Parenting Simplified


What happens when a cat person moves in with or marries a dog person? ... Introducing Pets ... While you might consider those stereotypes just a silly way of labeling people, there is actually a bit of science ... “That means that, on average, dog people tend to have their spaces more organized, orderly, neat and clean,” says ...

How Long to Wait for the Next Dog | The Bark


Dec 27, 2011 ... She took it as an indication that being married to her mom made him happy and ... want to wait quite a long time, still others have no time frame in mind. ... If you' ve lost a dog, how long did you wait until a new dog joined your ...

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New Couples: How to Keep the Pets and the Peace - Next Avenue


Mar 1, 2013 ... What if you both have pets that don't love each other the way you do? ... (or guilt) him into getting a dog, but that could put a strain on their marriage. ... To introduce two dogs, Klein suggests meeting at a dog park or by taking a ...

The Dog Trainer : How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other, Part I ...


Oct 27, 2009 ... If either dog tries to keep fights going or has caused significant injury, think three times. If you must introduce the dogs, get help from a ...

Introducing puppy to older dogs | Cesar's Way


Since they are getting so old, my husband and I want to add a puppy. ... The first thing to remember is, when you have a stable pack, they don't “hate” anything. You or ... her how to introduce her new puppies to the very dog-aggressive Sophie.