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How to Jumpstart Linux Development with Puppet and Vagrant, Part ...


Feb 5, 2013 ... How to Jumpstart Linux Development with Puppet and Vagrant, Part Two. In the first part of this tutorial, we showed how to use Vagrant to ...

Provision a New Linux Dev Environment in Nothing Flat with Puppet ...


Jan 28, 2013 ... In this two-part series we'll learn how to automate setting a up new development environment on Linux using Puppet and Vagrant. ... Continue the tutorial with part 2: How to Jumpstart Linux Development with Puppet and ...

Puppet and Vagrant Tutorial | Puppet


Jan 29, 2013 ... Lucky for you, Max wrote a fantastic two-part article for linux.com on ... and provisioning of development environments with Puppet and Vagrant.

GitHub - niceandserious/crafty-vagrant: A boilerplate dev ...


crafty-vagrant - A boilerplate dev environment for jump-starting Craft CMS projects. ... A neat starting point / development environment for Craft-based projects, with ... on OSX/Linux; %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows) ... folder (without the --dev flag they are deleted from this directory as part of the install ...

How to get started with Razor and PuppetPart 2 | pureVirtual


Jul 2, 2012 ... How to get started with Razor and PuppetPart 2 ... setup of a Ubuntu master server, installation of Puppet, Razor and a DHCP server, you're ready to get .... I am learning about puppet and using vagrant to do development.

Re-introducing Vagrant: The Right Way to Start with PHP - SitePoint


Jun 7, 2015 ... Bruno Skvorc reintroduces Vagrant driven development in a post that ... much more depth in SitePoint's Jump Start PHP Environment Book. ... Machine (VM) is an isolated part of your main computer which thinks ... Same for the different flavors of Linux, OS X, and so on. .... Knowledge of Puppet not required.

Build Virtual Machines Easily With PuPHPet - SitePoint


Dec 18, 2013 ... Does creating and managing development environments frustrate ... Using Puppet, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly ... It appeared as though I'd only get part way and have to do the rest ... I'm currently running Vagrant 1.3.5 and VirtualBox 4.3.2 and they've ..... Jump Start PHP Environment.

Build-Release Engineer - Zippia


Develop, maintain, and improve product installers for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other ... Help automate any manual parts of the release process ..... topics: analyst ii, automation, building, development engineer, engineer, entry level, game, .... Experience working with tools like Chef/Puppet, Vagrant or Docker is preferred.

Using SaltStack to automate Vagrant provisioning – eon01.com | A ...


May 9, 2015 ... It is also a part of a series of tutorials about some SysAdmin/DevOps tools. ... If you're a developer, Vagrant will isolate dependencies and their configuration ... so whether you're working on Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows, all your team .... management tools such as Chef, Puppet and of course SaltStack.

DevOps from Scratch, Part 1: Vagrant and Ansible | Hacker News


Sep 21, 2016 ... (2 hours today I won't get back). ... If you want to configure your hosts using a programming language, ... Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Vagrant, Docker, CoreOS, runC, ... Or, in terms of Linux: why do I need say Docker and Kubernetes, .... in SmartOS are the functional equivalents of JumpStart (or KickStart, ....