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Jun 28, 2013 ... Is there anyway to increase the strength of weed? Is it Possible to increase THC level? Well Lets see What cannabis and Science have ...

Curing Marijuana - How To Marijuana


Curing Marijuana makes it stronger and the smoke milder. This website shows a way to cure Marijuana. ... Just very gentle to make it look good. Put the relatively ...

making weed more potent? [Archive] - Bluelight


You cant make weed more potent once its trimmed off the plant. ... I hear medical marijuana is grossly overrated and there are far stronger breeds than those ...

Smoking Tips for a Better High - The Stoner's Cookbook


May 10, 2015 ... Science might be a bit behind in studying the ways to get a better high, ... To feel a good high, make sure your weed has ample THC—as this is ...

Is It Possible To Make Your Weed Smell 10x's Better? | Rollitup


Sometimes I Feel Like The Weed I Smoke Has An Added Smell.....As If They Added Something To Make It Smell A Lot Better...Like I Can Almost ...

Better Tasting, Better Smelling Cannabis | Grow Weed Easy


Better Tasting, Better Smelling Cannabis ... Although this doesn't add terpenes, it helps to make sure the plant isn't getting more nutrients during its last two ...

Learn About Marijuana: Factsheets: Potency of Cannabis


The way marijuana is grown can affect the amount of THC in the plant, and therefore ... do not believe it is hydroponic cultivation itself that makes cannabis stronger; ... The resin secreted from the plant can be dried to make "hash," which is the ...

How To Make The Most Of Your Weed | TheCannabisGeek.com


Apr 24, 2013 ... Post image for How To Make The Most Of Your Weed ... You'll get a much better quality of product than you'd find on the black market, and you ...

Making your weed taste better? | Marijuana Forums


Jan 11, 2004 ... Ive been trying to make my weed taste better. Like adding orange peels to my stash and what not. But none of it has really done it for me.

Here Are 5 Super Strong Weed Strains To Melt Your Mind | Fusion


Apr 19, 2014 ... The secret to knowing the weed that will make you giggly and the weed that will ... The stronger the THC level in the weed, the more likely you'll ...

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Weed Smoking Tricks: How to make weed stronger


Sep 16, 2009 ... This post will show you several tips and tricks to get higher off weed. There is nothing you can do directly to the weed to make it stronger apart ...

how to make my weed stronger Marijuana Growing


When I buy weed from dealers that weed is strong as hell. I heard that they put something into it, mabe do you how to ...

7 Ways to Improve Bud Quality | Grow Weed Easy


Better Taste, Better Smell - learn other techniques to increase terpene content ... The truth is, you can successfully grow cannabis with very little effort, make a ton  ...