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I don't think you would save a great deal of money making your own wax. .... This wax will absorb deeper into the structure of your ski base, but is .... Teflon is a long-chain perfluorocarbon; grind Teflon into powder and people ...

How to Make Ski Wax | Trails.com


It would be nice if you could make your own ski wax and have one less cost associated ... of graphite, powdered Teflon or other substances to create less friction.

Make Your Own XC Ski Wax! - Out Your Backdoor


Feb 5, 1995 ... Home brew XC Ski Wax! Date: Sun, Feb ... Subject: Making your Own Wax ... manual of ski mountaineering- the older editions from the 50s and 60s. ... finely powdered teflon at your local gun shop, under the Rmeington brand.

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how-to guide to tuning your own skis. ... Ski Tune-Up • Online Guide to Sharpening, Waxing, Maintenance and More. practice practice practice. The most  ...

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Waxing your skis not only improves performance but it also protects the ... A cheap iron does not have the temperature control required to wax skis. .... Place the Base Saver on the ski (Teflon, tan shiny side down). flite alpine ... So Dan who has a background in polymer science began developing and testing his own wax.

Waxing skis as wrong as 'tarring a plastic boat,' says researcher


Jun 14, 2010 ... Many skiers still swear by waxing today, even though skis now have supposedly ... This also minimizes your cost as well as the time you spend.

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Considering the big environmental issues facing us today, ski wax and snowboard wax might not ... Dupont Denies Poisoning Consumers with Teflon Products.

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Molten Speed Wax is a lightening fast and ultra clean bicycle chain lube that ... injury, we've sold cross-country ski wax in our winter business for over a decade. ... is simple if you don't have to source and mix your own PTFE and molybdenum.

Grip and Glide: A Short History of Ski Wax | International Skiing ...


From pine pitch to perfluorocarbons, ski waxing has come a long way since the days of ... Whether you're building a ship, a roof or a ski, you need to apply a .... There were many experiments with miracle ingredients like Teflon (a solid fluoride ...

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Jun 17, 2014 ... Zardoz is pure liquid Teflon that comes in an easy application puck ... To start waxing and servicing your own skis, view our full range of ski ...