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Ski wax


Ski wax is a material applied to the bottom of snow runners, including skis, snowboards, and .... Additives to such waxes include graphite, teflon, silicon, fluorocarbons, and molybdenum to .... Jum...

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buy your wax in bulk. it's not that expensive. avoid the small packages of wax. ... I don't think you would save a great deal of money making your own wax ..... Teflon is a long-chain perfluorocarbon; grind Teflon into powder and ...

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It would be nice if you could make your own ski wax and have one less cost ... Try adding small amounts of graphite, powdered Teflon or other substances to ...

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Pure fluorocarbon wax gives the base of your cross country skis a teflon-like coating ... Making your own ski wax, or klister, is a great way to fine-tune its qualities.

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Waxing your skis not only improves performance but it also protects the ... To help out with waxing, Fast Wax has provided easy-to-follow waxing .... Place the Base Saver on the ski (Teflon, tan shiny side down). flite alpine iron ... So Dan who has a background in polymer science began developing and testing his own wax.

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Chain wax does not attract dirt because it is a solid. ... Most of them are some mix of paraffin wax and Teflon or PTFE in a metal tin. I prefer to make my own. ... in the can, available at any store that sells home preserve supplies, or use ski wax.

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From pine pitch to perfluorocarbons, ski waxing has come a long way since the days of ... Whether you're building a ship, a roof or a ski, you need to apply a .... or PTFE), but the stuff has such a high melting temperature —more than 200° ...

Waxing skis as wrong as 'tarring a plastic boat,' says researcher


Jun 14, 2010 ... Back when all skis had a wooden base, adding wax was essential in order to get them ... friction, and the ability to self-lubricate make ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ... This also minimizes your cost as well as the time you spend.” ... FATBlades bring comfort of snowboard boots to custom-built skis.

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how-to guide to tuning your own skis. ... Ski Tune-Up • Online Guide to Sharpening, Waxing, Maintenance and More ... We'll start with the easy one. .... Same thing with skis -- and since the Teflon won't stick to the ski, it's added to wax , which ...

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Feb 5, 1995 ... Home brew XC Ski Wax! Date: Sun, Feb ... Subject: Making your Own Wax ... manual of ski mountaineering- the older editions from the 50s and 60s. ... finely powdered teflon at your local gun shop, under the Rmeington brand.

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My friend has some beat up skis that he used teflon spray on the bases. ..... I have made some of my own mixtures of oils and teflon particles for my ... hot waxing will make your ski slide slower after the wax wears off based on ...

Sandboard wax


Sandboard wax for all types of sand. ... they will ultimately damage your base and the sand while faster, safer waxes are ... is still a bit damp and cool, soy based and Teflon based paraffin wax works the ... This is a great wax and easy to use.

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The soft Teflon surface backed by the cushioning pad presses the Fluoro top coats ... Make sure the ski base is complete brushed out before starting and your iron .... Manny of the top racers today custom grind their skis for peak performance ...