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How to set up an iTunes library on a network-attached server ...


Oct 23, 2015 ... If you're going to choose a NAS to store your iTunes library, first consider ... If you move just your media files, then your Mac retains your iTunes ...

How to offload your iTunes library to a NAS | Ars Technica


Dec 26, 2012 ... However, it is relatively easy to take your iTunes library and simply move it to a NAS. It's not the house iTunes server we wish we had, but it ...

How to move your iTunes library to a NAS (Updated) - Engadget


Dec 26, 2012 ... Update: We've heard from a knowledgable source that the process described in the Ars story may lead to issues down the road. Specifically ...

Guide: Setting up iTunes on a Network Attached Server - Ultimate Mac


Dec 7, 2015 ... To move your iTunes folder, select the Music folder on the Finder ... As long as your Mac is connected to the NAS, iTunes will use it as a library.

How to move your Mac's iTunes Library onto an external drive


Feb 3, 2015 ... When trying to free up drive space on your Mac, one of the first things you can do is move the iTunes Library to a portable hard drive. Here's a ...

How to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive | iMore


Oct 12, 2016 ... If your Mac's hard drive is getting full, you can move your entire iTunes library to an external hard drive to free up space.

How to Setup an iTunes Library On an External Hard Drive or NAS


May 3, 2016 ... Did you know it was possible to move your iTunes library over to an external hard drive? If you're low on space and you have a lot of media that ...

How to Set Up an iTunes Library on a Network Attached Storage ...


Oct 23, 2015 ... If you have a large iTunes library, you may have reached the point where you need to ... hard drive to your Mac, and use that to store your iTunes Media folder. ... Another option is to use a network attached storage device, or NAS. ... The Data Storage Conundrum · How To: Move Your iTunes Library to an ...

How to add music stored on your Synology NAS to iTunes


How to add music stored on your Synology NAS to iTunes ... Update your iTunes Media folder location. Open iTunes on ... Go to File > Add Folder to Library.

How to move your iTunes library to an external drive | TechRadar


Jun 16, 2013 ... Luckily, iTunes makes it fairly easy to move your library to an ... an Apple AirPort Extreme router, or a NAS (network attached storage) drive.