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The Correct Way to Pray: Luke 18 - CBN.com


Prayer, simply put, is conversation with God. That in mind, shouldn't I be doing it in a way that pleases Him?

Prayer 101: How Do I Talk to God?


Aug 10, 2009 ... Have you ever asked yourself what prayer is? Do you have to pray out loud? Does God really answer prayer?

5 Ways to Pray to God (Beginners) - wikiHow


How to Pray to God (Beginners). If you're new to the Christian, Judaic or Islamic faiths and want to begin praying to God, follow these simple steps to get your ...

How to Talk to God - Life, Hope & Truth


Communication with God is called prayer. For generations, people have wondered how to pray. Jesus' disciples even asked Him to teach them how to pray; and ...

How to pray? What is the proper way to pray?


Answer: Is it best to pray standing up, sitting down, kneeling, or bowing down? Should our hands be open, closed, or lifted up to God? Do our eyes need to be ...

How to Pray in a Way God Can Answer | LDS.org Blog


Apr 12, 2016 ... What are those things it is possible for God to grant? How can I make sure my wishes are the wishes of Christ?

The Power of Prayer: How Must We Pray So God Will Answer?


And what power does prayer have? Does God really answer prayer? If so, how should we pray and what conditions must prayer meet in order for God to hear ...

8 Ways to Pray | Ignite Your Faith - Christianity Today


Put your prayers into poems. Write a letter to God. Then go back and read your journal entries in a week or a month. There's a good chance you'll be reminded of  ...

Do I Pray to Jesus or God? | Ignite Your Faith - Christianity Today


God is three in one. He is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All three are God and each has a distinct personality. The Father is the Creator. The Son is the Savior.

Prayer Online - How to Pray


Here are some suggestions on how you can get to know God better through prayer. Ask the Father for the ...

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How To Pray? - See What Prayers God Answers - How Prayer Works


Have you ever known someone who really trusts God? When I was an atheist, I had a good friend who prayed often. She would tell me every week about ...

How To Pray To God - Prayer


How To Pray To God - Learn how Jesus taught us how to pray and how not to pray. Discover how others in the Bible concentrated on prayer.

Praying to God in Secret | My Utmost For His Highest


The primary thought in the area of religion is— keep your eyes on God, not on people. Your motivation should not be the desire to be known as a praying person ...