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United States workers who are out of work due to no fault of their own are eligible for unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks. When the unemployment rate is high, benefits may be paid for additional weeks... More »

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You can only get unemployment benefits if you quit your job for reasons like these: ... Your own declining health,; Union rules,; In very limited cases, a lack of transportation,; Leaving to care for a sick family member,; Domestic violence, or; Leaving to take care of ... You had no child care, and no other shifts were available.

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Apr 14, 2015 ... If You Quit Your Job to Care For a Loved One, You Could Qualify for Unemployment ... For those workers, unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are all they have ... with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend. ... who voluntarily leave work rather than get involuntarily dismissed.

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If you quit a job without good cause, you may not qualify for unemployment benefits. ... good reason to leave a job, that doesn't necessarily mean you had good cause in ... For example, an employee might quit to take a better job, based on a firm ... care for a seriously ill family member is still eligible to collect unemployment.

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Can I get unemployment benefits if I quit my job? I quit because my boss ... I quit my job because I'm moving or need to stay home to care for my family. Can I get ...

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Get Answers ... Be prepared to discuss all the categories that apply at your hearing. If ... because of my own illness or disability or the illness or disability of a family member. ... I quit my job to protect myself, or a member of my immediate family, from ... had another job offer, you may be able to establish “good cause” to quit ...

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The Benefit Determination Guide presents discussions about unemployment insurance law. ... However, if the claimant is not aware of the employer's leave policy, it then ... where the claimant had no other practical alternative to quitting his job. ... make the quit compelling, such as care for ill children or other family members.

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If you quit your job, were laid off, or were fired and are unemployed, read this article. ... Out of Work? Apply For Unemployment. May 2015 ... You will get a letter in the mail saying whether you can get unemployment or have to give more information. If you ... When is my hearing? ... You had to care for a sick family member.

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Apr 9, 2015 ... For this reason, UI benefits are not a substitute for paid leave. However, if family caregiving is provided on a part-time basis and the ... Thirteen states have UI rules that accept compelling family reasons as good cause for quitting a job. ... leave work to care for a family member who is ill or has a disability.

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Here's the 9-step process for filing for unemployment when you're a nanny, ... face financial hardships -- all of which can result in you losing your job through no fault ... onto unemployment benefits -- if your employer has been paying you legally ... several warnings) and you didn't just quit because you were sick of wor...