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Jan 22, 2015 ... Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 won't be coming to either of the ... I had the Surface 2 RT, and that thing drained the battery on standby in a day of not .... Piles and piles of hardware made obsolete by your own hands. 3 ... The apps aren't changing, but they will certainly stop coming once everyone ...

Windows RT: The odd birth, brief life, and quiet death of Microsoft's ...


Feb 13, 2015 ... Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT: A short lived attempt at taking ... as the company tried to reduce the levels of inventory it carried. ... problem too: consumers didn't really understand what Windows RT ... of technology: there are piles of small tablets running full Windows 8 on Intel Atom processors now.

Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Thing Confuses Me


Oct 28, 2012 ... I guess the best way to describe the Surface RT experience is that it is a work in progress. .... No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of it, nor change the volume level with ... That cured that problem, but after this reboot, scrolling the screen ..... Ditto the ability to navigate a home network and move piles...

Why the iPad continues to succeed where the Surface RT did not ...


Jul 22, 2013 ... Last week during their earnings report, Microsoft reported a $900 ... It's just over a year since the Surface RT launched, and yet despite ... the fact it needs explaining at all doesn't help good marketing. .... Usually any problem she has can be fixed by hitting back, or worst case, powering down and back up.



Piles of crap do not buy. ... If it is the Surface RT then it is not running regular Windows but running Windows RT .... Just so you know OP, Intel HD 4k (the GPU in the Surface Pro 2) can have issues with Minecraft. ... http://www.microsoft.com/ en-us/news/download/presskits/surface/docs/surfacepro2fs.docx

Microsoft's Surface girds for Super Bowl - USA Today


Feb 4, 2016 ... After a snag impacting Microsoft Surface tablets, the NFL gets ready for the big game. ... Facebook helps feds bust Detroit gangMembers of violent Rollin ..... last week that the issues with the Surfaces is “a pretty common problem.” ... the Super Bowl piles on other challenges for McKenna-Doyle and crew.

Big Money: The Companies with the Biggest Cash Piles in Tech


Aug 22, 2011 ... Big Money: The Companies with the Biggest Cash Piles in Tech ... This treatment of cash as actual cash, combined with long and short-term investments, is the standard ... Microsoft Market Capitalization: $201 billion. Cash Hoard: $63.7 billion Source. 3. ... It's not a problem, but it is certainly a 'situation.

Microsoft Surface tablet arrives at Best Buy today - CNET


Dec 12, 2012 ... Microsoft's Surface RT tablet will be available through Best Buy. ... There are just piles of tablets and laptops, half the time crashed or not connected to ... people realize that they work like their Android phones, they will be at ease. ..... am going to chuck that to supply issues, but in reality it's probab...

Mom and Entrepreneur Sharon uses Surface to Stay Organized at ...


Jul 26, 2013 ... Microsoft Devices Blog ... Mom and Entrepreneur Sharon uses Surface to Stay Organized at ... of three and entrepreneur Sharon Schneider is using Surface to help keep ... Creating a simple solution for a problem lots of people need solving ... When my niece was born, I remember going through the piles of ...

8 Reasons Why Even Microsoft Agrees the Windows Desktop is a ...


Nov 3, 2013 ... Microsoft's Surface tablets with Windows RT don't support any ... Refreshing Your PC Won't Help: Why Bloatware is Still a Problem on Windows ...

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Nov 14, 2013 ... Somewhere in Redmond (at least metaphorically speaking) are several very large piles of unsold Surface RT tablet components. Why did the ...

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Get help, how-to, and troubleshooting tips for Microsoft Surface at Surface Support online. ... Trying to fix a hardware issue? Searching for ... Surface RT.

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Microsoft's Surface Mini May Give New Life to Windows RT. Windows on ARM ... How to relieve Microsoft's Surface RT piles problem. Windows on ARM ...

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How to relieve Microsoft's Surface RT piles problem. Windows on ARM Somewhere in Redmond (at least metaphorically speaking) are several very large piles ...