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Dec 12, 2013 ... Sometimes you may want to launch a program automatically when you log in to your Linux desktop. Such start-up programs can conduct ...


Advanced users may want to put a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart to ..... - mouse-and-touchpad-freezes-in-linux/ for more info on this problem.


Nov 4, 2015 ... The process of setting applications to start automatically in Linux is a bit confusing because every distribution (distro) and desktop environment ...


May 28, 2017 ... 5.1 X session startup; 5.2 Desktop entries; 5.3 GNOME; 5.4 KDE Plasma; 5.5 Xfce ... To autostart scripts for specific users, see systemd/User.


Nov 29, 2006 ... So how do you automatically start or launch program when you login into your KDE desktop system? For example if you would like to start ...


How To Make Desktop Applications Start Automatically After Login (GNOME) You probably know this: you ... English | HowtoForge.de - Linux Tutorials auf Deutsch ... Why not have the system start these applications for you automatically?


Sep 15, 2015 ... Linux. RELATED ARTICLE. How to Manage Startup Applications in ... Add . desktop files to here to have programs start automatically at startup.


Dec 2, 2004 ... Tips for a Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator. ... Tags: desktop, running scripts at login, scheduling, x11 ... Either of these systems allow you to start programs automatically with the leighter weight Window Managers such ...


Purpose, This article describes how to automatically start an application during or after boot of a Colibri module running Embedded Linux., ... Files in the folders /etc /xdg/autostart/ and ~/.config/autostart/ ending in .desktop get parsed and if ...


While using /etc/xdg/autostart (or /usr/share/autostart) keep in mind that your script will have to be a .desktop file. This can mean two things, ...